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KENNEDY FOR CONGRESS: “Stop King George from playing his own Game of Thrones in NJ”



Brigantine, NJ–  Today, Amy Kennedy’s campaign released a digital ad asking voters to stop party boss George Norcross from playing games with elections in South Jersey.  The ads depict Brigid Harrison and Jeff Van Drew as characters in the Game of Thrones with GOT George Norcross sitting on the Iron Throne.

People who click on the banner are directed to a petition to support Amy Kennedy’s substantive plan to end corruption in politics and enact meaningful election reform.

Statement from Josh Roesch, Campaign Manager, Amy Kennedy for Congress:

“George Norcross is twisting arms and rigging the primary with back room deals for Brigid Harrison, the same way he did for Jeff Van Drew.  And we know how well that turned out.  Norcross rigged this election last time for Jeff Van Drew, who turned out to be a Republican.  Now, he is trying to do the same thing with Brigid Harrison, who supported Chris Christie for President instead of Barack Obama and might also be a Republican in Democratic clothing. Phony endorsements, rigged conventions, dirty smear campaigns from third parties are all part of the ‘game’ Norcross is playing from his iron throne in Camden and his pool chair in Mar-A-Lago. What the party boss isn’t counting on is the fact that the people of New Jersey 2 don’t want to be pawns in his game—they want to choose who will represent them in Congress.”