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How You Can Choose the Best Solar Panel System Size: Your Top Questions Answered 




( 30, 2020)--Solar panel installations have taken the world by storm, and even here in the United Kingdom, a lot more property owners are seeing their many benefits. With a solar PV system, you not only reduce and save on your electric bill and decrease your reliance on the grid – you also have the unique opportunity to earn money simply by selling back the electricity you don’t use. But if you are thinking about having your own solar PV system, what would be the best size for you? Simply put, what should you know about the ideal system size? Let’s find out.

How many do you need?

If you want to find out how many actual solar panels you require for your system, you need to consider three main factors: how much electricity you consume per day, the amount of sun you receive in your area in terms of hours, and the size of your roof. Your average consumption is the essential guideline in figuring out the number of solar panels you require, and for this, you need to consider the total kWh you use at the moment or plan to use in your property.

The amount of power or energy generated by your solar panels will be dependent on their sun exposure as well, so this will be affected by your actual location. The size of your roof is another essential factor since it will determine the number of solar panels which it can fit. You should also consider the suitability of your roof in terms of the weight it can support and how you will have to set the panels at an angle. 

If you need a 3kW system, the number of solar panels you need would be around 12 (based on standard 250W solar panels). For a larger 4kW system, you would need around 16 panels, whilst for a 5kW system, it would be approximately 20 panels. For a 6kW system, the panels you would probably need would be 24. 


Other determining factors 

Other factors will determine the number of panels you may need; for instance, do you want a system that will produce all your electric power needs or just a portion of it? The number of people in your business or household is also a determining factor. For example, a typical 4kW system is enough for households with three to four residents. If you are a commercial establishment or business, then you would probably need more commercial solar panels based on the number of employees you have. 

Learn more about your consumption requirements 

To get a much better idea of the size of system you require, you should calculate the amount of power you need your system to produce per day. Look closely at your monthly electric bill so you know your electricity consumption each day. For instance, if you consume 124kWh per month, then you have a daily consumption of 4kWh, which means that your system should produce a 4kWh average each day. Remember that different areas also have different sun exposure hours, so it would be best to consult with a good installer so you know the ‘sun hours’ you have in your location. In general, however, the UK has a daily average of four sun hours per day, which makes a solar PV installation more than worth it.  



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