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How to Understand that the Girl Is in Love with You


( 2, 2020)--Love is not one of the most understandable and studied things, even in the simplest of its components. Very often it is impossible to catch even elementary signs of whether a person feels something to you (even though there are some feelings). 


There could be some additional difficulties, for example, the difference in mentality. When you are dating Russian women for marriage on, it may be difficult to understand whether the girl really likes you. At the same time, it is really important. So, how to understand that a girl is in love but hides it?


1. Her cheeks turn red when you are together

The red color will always be a sure sign of love! Here are the definite signs:

  • she is very shy when you are together; 
  • she does not know what to say, what to do or how to behave; 
  • she is embarrassed when you look into her eyes and blushes.

When a girl doesn’t care, she is not embarrassed, does not blush and does not hide her eyes.


2. She wants to be your best friend

Being the best of friends is the first phase for the most honest, long-term and happy relationship. You can count on her and know that she will always be there if you feel depressed or need some support. She may argue with you because of stupid things, but she will never leave you, and she will always apologize if she was really wrong about something. In a word, she wants to be your closest person!


3. She goes first to talk

There is a myth in our world that the function of initiating a conversation is always for a man, and it is not the woman’s duty to do this. Her role is playfully blinking and waiting. In fact, if she never takes the initiative to talk with you, to find out what is happening in your life and how you are doing, it simply means that she is not interested and this is not about gender roles.


4. She always plans to spend time with you

In any relationship, spending time together is a must! If you do not spend time with each other, you really do not know anything about your partner. She does not hesitate to take your time, loves to invite you on dates, loves to watch movies together. In general, the first who comes to her mind with plans for any activity is you!


5. She is waiting for your advice

She always asks for your opinion and says that this opinion is very important for her. She shares every problem with you and seeks your participation in it. Trust your intuition when you assume what is good for her and what is bad.


6. She wants to know everything about you

She likes to listen to you. She wants to know everything about your family, friends, work, childhood memories, likes and dislikes, about your interests, hobbies — about everything.