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How A South Jersey Drug Ring Was Taken Down

William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (March 11, 2020)--At the bottom of yesterday's article  Major Drug Ring Operating in Gloucester City & Camden City is Busted two links to the entire complaints that were filed against the suspects in the United States District Court,
Camden City was provided.

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One was labeled DePoder complaint the other was named the Bell complaint. The investigation into this drug gang began in January 2020 and concluded on March 9, 2020, cumulating with a raid on the DePoder home on Stinson Avenue, Gloucester City along with the arrest of the 17 other suspects. 

The DePoder complaint details how the case was built using surveillance by FBI agents who were watching his South Stinson Avenue home, in Gloucester City. Besides surveillance video agents collected cell phone and text message conversations between Rocco DePoder aka "Rock" and his suppliers and customers.  Damaging step by step description of the exchanges are outlined from the moment one of DePoder's customers places an order on the cell phone or text message to the time the person picks the pills up from DePoder's house. FBI agents included descriptions of surveillance videos of DePoder driving the people with legal prescriptions to "The Camden Pharmacy" to have the script filled. The address of the pharmacy was not released. Some of the controlled substances (CS) DePoder and his minions distributed included oxycodone, Adderall also known as "ads" or "addies", Xanax, valium, clonazepam. 

FROM PAGE 6 -8 of the 16-page indictment 

From at least in or about January 2020 to in or about March 2020, Rocco DePoder ("DEP0DER"), who is not a doctor or pharmacist, ran a drug trafficking operation primarily out of his home in Gloucester City, New Jersey, aided and assisted by defendants Lolita Paynter ("PAYNTER"), Neal Thompson ("THOMPSON"), Marcus Rushworth ("MRUSHWORTH"), Robert Pratt ("PRATI"'), Wayne Muse ("MUSE"), Kenneth Rushworth ("KRUSHWORTH"), Alexander Siaca ("SIACA"), Holly Clark ("CLARK"), and Michael DePoder ("MDEPODER") (collectively, the "Suppliers"), who, as specific opportunities arose, agreed to or did assist in supplying DEPODER with quantities of controlled substances ("CS"), including oxycodone, Adderall, and Xanax, for DEPODER to distribute to others.

To further this drug trafficking operation, DEPODER and the Suppliers engaged in the· following conduct: · 


On or about January 10, 2020, DEPODER and PAYNTER traveled to a pharmacy to obtain a re-distribution quantity of Oxycodone for DEPODER. Specifically, on this date, PAYTNER telephoned DEPODER and made arrangements to meet DEPODE~ to sell DEPODER 60 OxyContin ER 60 mg tablets. 


During ·the call, DEPODER asked, "Wat, are you getting 'em?" PAYNTER stated, ''Yeah," and DEPODER then agreed to pick PAYNTER up in his vehicle. According to law enforcement surveillance, later the same day, PAYNTER went to the pharmacy counter of a pharmacy in Camden, New Jersey ("Camden Pharmacy-I") while DEPODER waited, with KRUSHWORTH, outside in his black GMC Yukon Denali SUV (the "Denali"). KRUSHWORTH left the Denali, walked down the street to a taxi cab, and left the area in the taxi. 


A short time later, PAYNTER left the pharmacy and got back in DEPODER's Denali. 


DEPODER then drove PAYNTER to a check-cashing business in Camden. PAYNTER went into the check-cashing business, remained for a short time, returned to the Denali, and then DEPODER drove her back: to Camden Pharmacy-I to obtain oxycodone to provide to DEPODER. According to pharmacy information, on this date, January 10, 2020, Camden Pharmacy-I. filled two prescriptions in the name of a senior citizen who appears to live with PAYNTER ("Senior-I") for 60 OxyContin ER 60 mg ER tablets and 120 oxycodone-:-acetaminophen 10-325 mg pills. 


FROM PAGE 9 and 10


On or about January 14, 2020, PRATT supplied a redistribution quantity of Oxycodone to DEPODER. Specifically, on this date, during a telephone conversation, PRATI asked if DEPODER was at DEPODER's home and told DEPODER, "I got 45, you want 'em?" DEPODER replied, "Yeah, bring 'em over." During the call, DEPODER also told PRATT, "Hey listen, I got them things too if you want 'em." PRATI responded, "Yeah, I'll take them next week when I bring ya the other half."


 According to pharmacy information, PRATT fills prescriptions, in his own name, on a monthly basis for 90 OxyContin 80 mg pills. 


The FBI agent states, "Based on my training and experience, the content of these calls, and my knowledge of the investigation to date, I believe that PRATT was referring to the two halves of his monthly prescription for 90 OxyContin 80 · mg pills. "


According to law enforcement surveillance, a short time later, a car, registered to PRATT, arrived and parked in front of DEPODER's home, and a white male, believed to be PRATT, left the vehicle and entered DEPODER's home. 


On or about January 16, 2020, MRUSHWORTH and DEPODER worked out the pricing of pills sold 1:Jy the operation, and DEPODER explained that "I do this for a living." 


Specifically, MRUSHWORTH sent a text message to DEPODER's telephone telling DEPODER "we was wrong yesterday'' regarding pill pricing, stating "we did it as 9x3-27 no it's 3x30-90[.]" 


DEPODER and MRUSHWORTH then spoke on the telephone and discussed CS pricing. D~PODER told MRUSHWORTH, "[i]t ain't no 30 times 3[,]" instead, "[t]hey're three for $10, Marc. There, they're footballs [which I believe, based on my training and experience and information from this investigation, is a reference to Xanax, because of the pills' oblong shape]. They're thr~e for 10. You got nine 10s in, in, in 90. Nine times three is 27. I do this for a living, bro. Thirty is 100. I, I've been doing this, you know, for, for ages." DEPODER went on to explain that, "[y]ou get 30 for 100-. Hey, listen, 15 is $50." · MRUSHWORTH told DEPODER, "[y]eah, he didn't say nothing."· 


As the conversation continued, DEPODER told MRUSHWORTH, "and the other ones are three for 20." MRUSHWORTH responded, "Daddy's selling something for $3 a piece, that's where I'm getting the $3" - referring to 8:Il another dealer as "Daddy[.]" DEPODER replied, "Oh, oh alright. Yeah, he's sells 'emyeah he sells 'em 'cause you got that guy. He was selling them 2.50 apiece. · Two for five." 


DEPODER asked MRUSHWORTH, "So why are you selling them so cheap, Marc? He's paying three for 10 off of me. He's been doing that 9 forever, and that, that's what you'll pay anywhere you go. Downtown you'll pay $5 for one[.]"· DEPODER added, that the· dealer that MRUSHWORTH referred to "should be charging three for 10 because that's what he pays me .... · Remember, the- the other things are three for 20. Because there's six of 'em in them." MRUSHWORTH then told DEPODER that "[h]e handed me $90[,]" referring MRUSHWORTH's customer, so MRUSHWORTH. made a profit. 




· On or about February 29, 2020, PRATT solicits a sale by DEPODER of Oxy.codone. Specifically, on this date, PRATI sent a text message to DEPODER's telephone asking, "Yo I'll gonna come mid-month if want them ?" DEPODER replied, "Ok I want me to hold 20's" - "20's" is a term frequently used by DEPODER to refer to 2o·mg pill_s of oxycodone. 


PRATI replied, "Just 20." q. On or about March 2, 2020, DEPODER and PAYNTER travel to a pharmacy to obtain a re-distribution quantity of Oxycodone for DEPODER. Specifically, on this date, PAYNTER sent a text message to DEPODER stating, "[g]ood morning Rocco do u have the $200 today might be able to get them today I text u when they open ok[.]" 


DEPODER replied, "[w]hat about the $50 you owe me lo C this is one talking about every time I lend you money something happens to your checks and then you want me to buy the pills."


DEPODER and PAYNTER communicated several more times thereafter and made arrangements to meet. Later the same day, according to law enforcement surveillance, while driving the Denali, DEPODER picked PAYNTER up at her home in Camden and took her to Camden Pharmacy-I. PAYNTER entered Camden Pharmacy-I to obtain oxycodone to provide to DEPODER and then returned to DEPODER's waiting Denali. 


According to pharmacy information, on March 2, 2020, Camden Pharmacy-I filled one prescription on behalf of Senior-I for 30 OxyContin ER 20 mg extended-release tablets. On or about March 5, 2020, THOMPSON arranged for DEPODER to sell Adderall to Individual-3. Specifically, on this date, during a telephone conversation, THOMPSON asked DEPODER, "you got addas, Adderall's?" 


DEPODER responded, "Yeah, 30's, that's all" stating that · DEPODER only had 30 mg Adderall in stock. THOMPSON replied, "Alright, and what do you want for them?" DEPODER said, "Fifteen[,]" namely $15 per pill. THOMPSON advised, "[a]lright, I'm a tell her." 


Later that evening, THOMPSON spoke to DEPODER again on the telephone, and the interception began with THOMPSON speaking to someone in the background, stating, "[y]eah, this is different. ones, he only got 30's." 


THOMPSON then spoke to DEPODER and said,_ "[s]he wanna come out your way bro." THOMPSON then told DEPODER, "[t]he lady with the Range Rover, you know the one buy the addies off you?" 


THOMPSON then corrected himself as to the make of the customer's car, stating that it was "a Land Rover now."· 


DEPODER gave THOMPSON the address of DEPODER's home and asked."how many she wants." THOMPSON told DEPODER "7[.]" Thus, THOMPSON arrang~d f~r DEPODER to sell an individual ("Individual-3") 7 30 mg. Adderall pills. 


Shortly thereafter, Individual-3 called DEPODER and told DEPODER, "I'm outside." 


Law 14 enforcement surveillance observed a Land Rover park on the street outside DEPODER's home in Gloucester City. 


DEPODER walked out of his home, · approached the Land Rover, appeared to conduct a hand-to-hand transaction with the driver of the Land Rover, and returned to his home. Later that evening, Individual-3 sent DEPODER a text message stating, "This is [Individual-3) ... please don't forget me. I buy 40-60ml adds a month or the 15 mg off ever see them I will buy them." Thus, Individual-~ told DEPODER that she wanted to buy additional Adderall pills from him in the future. 




On or about February 23, 2020, DEPODER agreed to sell Oxycodone to a customer. 


Specifically, on this date, DEPODER spoke on the telephone with a buyer ("Buyer-2") who asked if DEPODER had "green monsters" (80 mg oxycodone pills) and "one below it" (60 mg oxycodone pills). 


DEPODER told ~uyer-2, "yeah, yeah[,]" namely, he had the pills in stock, and Buyer-2 replied that "I'll be [at DEPODER's home in Gloucester City] in like 10 mins[.]" DEPODER then asked Buyer-2, "[w]hatcha need?" Buyer -2 stated, "U]ust one and one 60[,]" referring to 1 80 mg oxycodone pill and one 60 mg oxycodone pill. 


Later the same day, subsequent communications and surveillance indicate that DEPODER and Buyer-2 met at DEPODER's home in Gloucester City. · 15 iii. On or about March 3, 2020, DEPODER'agreed to sell Oxycodone to a customer.


Specifically, on this date, during·a telephone call, Buyer-2 told DEPODER that "I (Buyer-2) need two of them green pills. and one red one'[.]" DEPODER responded, "[a]lright[.]" Buyer-2 told DEPODER that Buyer-2 would "be like fifteen, twenty minutes" and DEPODER replied, "I'll be here.

Later the same day, subsequent communications and surveillance indicate that DEPODER and Buyer-2 met at DEPODER's home in Gloucester City. 

The FBI agent in charge of the investigation was Stuart Sobin, a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned to the Philadelphia Division, Cherry Hill Resident Agency, of the department. He has been an FBI Special Agent since 2012. "In my capacity as a Special Agent, I have received extensive formal investigative training at the FBI's training academy in Quantico, Virginia and elsewhere. I have also received the basic drug and gang training, as well as advanced training that involved drugs and gangs," he stated in the complaint. 



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published | March 11, 2020