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Hirsh Singh Wins Cumberland and Atlantic Counties!

Linwood, NJ — Conservative U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh continued to demonstrate his overwhelming support in the most Republican areas of New Jersey by winning the endorsement of the Republican Party organizations of Cumberland County and Atlantic County. New jersey politics 2 copy
Singh's win comes on the back of his wins in Ocean County and Cape May County, and momentum is now solidly on his side. An analysis of Hirsh Singh's support base clearly shows that all his support is from committed Republicans who represent their constituents while his opponent has been propped up by the party elite who had opposed Donald Trump's candidacy in 2016.
Bergen County Republican Party's convention has been canceled and looks like it will not endorse any candidate, but Singh was expected to win there as he had with Ocean County. A consistent pattern that has emerged in this year's election in New Jersey is that the pro-Trump Republicans are up against the anti-Trump elite who control the state's party machinery. The former tends to vote for Singh while his opponent has been gifted the nomination wherever the party leadership had its way.
Singh expressed satisfaction after the outcome of the Atlantic County convention and vowed to take along everyone regardless of whether they had voted for him or not.
"I thank the members of the Atlantic County committee and would like to reach out to everyone — including those who voted against me — so that we can work together to make New Jersey and America great," said Singh.