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Essay writing - Rules you don't have to forget about


( 31, 2020)--Every student must master the art of writing an essay. But there are several rules you have to understand. Find out what they are here.

Learn the basic rules of essay writing, and you'll be making a positive impact on your grade from just writing.

Writing an essay is one of the best ways you can express your opinions, improve your grade, and show your knowledge on a certain topic. It's also the perfect way educators and teachers use to understand the writing levels or prowess of students.

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In this post, I have gathered seven rules and tips that will help you get started on your essay writing.

1.   Pick a Topic

You have read or been given the guidelines/instructions to follow to start writing that essay. Therefore, the student has to choose a topic that is interesting and specific for the essay or paper. Picking or choosing a topic means that you have not written your first text or words. You have to brainstorm different ideas, and this is crucial for the essay writing process.

2.   Research the Essay

Any form of writing you are going to create cannot be engaging and interactive if there is no research. A student should be aware and know whatever he is to write. Technology has made it possible for a student to have access to a lot of information. The student can even read information about essay writing service reviews on scamfighter and decide what online helper to choose if he can’t cope with the assigned writing himself.

For example, if you are writing a history essay on the American Civil War. You will need to research and find out the crucial battles, dates, and the different forces involved in the war.

3.   Create and Have an Outline

You have your topic ready. Now it's time to have an outline which is usually like a map that acts as guidance. What are your main ideas, and how are you going to structure them?

4.   The Thesis Statement

It's usually a sentence or two and written after the introduction. This means it is part of the introduction. For example, a possible thesis statement would be - Slavery was a big factor in the American Civil War, which featured both Confederate and Union Forces.

5.   Remember the Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.29.45

The introduction should catch the attention of the reader. It sets the tone and direction of the essay. The reader should be aware of what the essay is all about by just reading the introduction.

The body paragraph is where all the research and knowledge you have is written down. Here you'll write all your evidence and examples. Each body paragraph should have a smooth transition from each sentence and paragraph.

The conclusion should not introduce any new ideas, but it should be a summary of your essay. Therefore, if it's an argumentative essay, you should highlight or restate why your argument is strong.

6.   Remember the Citations

These are your references, what materials or resources you utilized to create that essay. Did you buy academic papers and used them as a source? Or do these top essay services help with reference? Whatever reference or source used, it should be highlighted. They can be anything from quotes, diagrams, and charts.

7.   Proofread and Edit

You cannot submit your essay or paper without first going through it. You have to reread it several times to help in eliminating grammar issues. As you proofread, you edit it to ensure you have created a quality essay like the ones thousands of students receive from the writing service after reading speedypaper review.

 These are the rules that every student should follow when writing an essay. Any student who follows them will master the art of essay writing.


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