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“The Buddha Sat Right Here” by Dena Moes

(NAPSI)—Author Dena Moes felt trapped on the “hamster wheel of working motherhood,” no longer believing that bigger material possessions cause greater happiness. So in 2014 she tore off her 20200325-125441-php3k0iFP-1Supermom cape, shuttered the house, and took her husband and preteen daughters on an eight-month odyssey through India and Nepal. 

Her family left their California life of carpools and Cal skate, and traveled by bus, train and elephant. They met the Dalai Lama, hugged Amma the Divine Mother and visited the tree where the Buddha sat.

This unforgettable adventure will open your heart, crack you up, and may even change the way you engage in family life and spiritual seeking. Purchase at

“Desert Burial” by Brian Littlefair

American geologist Ty Campbell is on the periphery of the Sahara’s internecine warfare in Mali, trying to forget his murdered wife. When Lila, an aid worker on the verge of emotional collapse, leads a convoy of African refugees into the Mali badlands, Ty’s hermitage is shattered. Attempting to save the refugees, Ty and Lila make a Faustian pact with Bud van Sickle—the smiling face of a powerful multinational corporation—who is competing for the lucrative privilege of ridding the planet of nuclear waste. His solution? Bury it beneath the land claimed by the refugees.

“Desert Burial” probes the human connections that mock our illusion of a world under our control—and reveals how those connections ultimately redeem us. From Dunn Books, purchase at

“Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths of the Single Woman” by Acamea Deadwiler

Acamea Deadwiler offers a practical guide for the single woman and serves as a reminder that we are more than a relationship status. It’s a must read for every past and present single woman, as well as every man who would like insight into what being a single woman really means.

The author puts numerous myths to rest, including the idea that single women are desperate, bitter, crazy or hard to love. “Single That: Dispelling The Top 10 Myths Of The Single Woman” offers an unapologetic look at the single woman, with straightforward advice. It’s empowering, enlightening and insightful. Purchase at

“Global Content Quest: In Search of Better Translations” by Ian A. Henderson

You may think of translation as a costly linguistic problem to be solved at the end of a process. But in reality, translation is a content issue, one that needs to be taken into consideration at the beginning of any major undertaking.

In “Global Content Quest: In Search of Better Translations,” industry leader Ian A. Henderson shares the story of the journey he and his wife Françoise undertook to help the world communicate better. The book also highlights the “Localization Maturity Model,” the author’s framework that companies can implement to measure goals and progress. From Rubric Inc., purchase at

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