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CNBNews Books: Kids’ Book Highlights Bernie and Socialism

And It’s Not Pretty


A new children’s book features a Bernie Sanders character as a millionaire socialist dead set on imposing his socialist policies on an elementary school. In Help! Mom! The Swamp is in My School! written by bestselling author Katharine DeBrecht, Sanders (sporting a top hat and a one-percent pin) scolds kids at Bradford Plymouth School saying,  “Working for the government my entire life, I know how to earn good money!” 

DeBrecht describes the book as a “hilarious and fun way to explain the failures of socialism to kids,” and says the book is a much-needed balance to what she believes is the indoctrination of children by leftists in public education.

The story follows brothers Tommy and Lou and other kids from Bradford Plymouth School as they run a bake sale to earn money for their school supplies. Sanders, as well as characters resembling Warren, Buttigieg, Biden and Bloomberg among others, continually impose a series of silly laws and regulations on the bake sales, almost bankrupting the school.

In the book, Senator Bernie claims, “Unregulated baked goods will cause an increase in squirrel flatulence, a sprinkle shortage, and locusts!” Warren, portrayed as Senator Pocahontas, attempts to ingratiate herself into the school claiming that she and even her cat is .00032785 percent Plymouth, and Vice President Buyme mumbles on and on often forgetting where and what century he is in.

Eventually the kids turn to Donaldus Magnus, clad in his signature blue suit but with a red superhero cape, to make the school great again. The book features full-color illustrations by award-winning political cartoonist Al Goodwyn. 

“It’s a YUGE lesson in socialism and MAGA,” says DeBrecht.


Bio: Katharine DeBrecht is a bestselling author, proud Deplorable and mother of three.  Known for her insightful, yet witty commentary, she has appeared on national television and radio across the globe. As a self-syndicated writer, Katharine's opinion pieces have been distributed in the national print media, including The Los Angeles Times and online magazines such as Human Events and World Net Daily. Her Help! Mom! books have been profiled on national media and throughout the world.