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1000's Attend St. Mary's/ Gloucester City Irish Parade (photos)

by CNBNews Staff

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (March 3, 2020)--This year's parade, held Sunday, March 1, was "much bigger than last year", said Mayor Dan Spencer. "Between all the marchers and spectators it was estimated upwards of 5,000 people in town.'"

Spencer said, "I would like to extend my appreciation to all of our parade sponsors especially the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders, all of our great city employees from the Public Works Department, Police and Fire Departments, Camden County Special Events Department, Msgr. William Hodge from St. Mary’s, Charlie Kain, President of the New Jersey Irish Society, Tom Gurick our MC, Bob Kelly from Fox 29 News, Principal Ed Beckett our Grand Marshall from Gloucester Catholic High School, Dr. Dennis Vespe and Principal Sean Gorman from the Gloucester City School District for all their support, Members of City Council, my friends from the Philadelphia Mummers String Band Association for their help and support in organizing things on parade day, and all of those who had anything to do with making this a bigger and better event for putting Gloucester City in the spotlight. We are happy for the many people who visited our businesses that day, especially those who visited our taverns and restaurants. I apologize for anyone I forgot, so a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE, Especially the great citizens of Gloucester City for being so humble and hospitable. See you next year for an even bigger and better parade." 

( photos courtesy of Heidi Weaver )


The opening ceremony of the parade began in front of the church with Sheila McGirl singing  the anthems as the flags for the United States and Ireland were raised by Assemblyman Bill Moen. Grand Marshall Ed Beckett and Deputy Consul General from Ireland Sean O'Hageon look on


The Brian Boru Pipes and Drums Band with Kevin Flatley Drum Major parades by St. Mary's  Church

Several thousand people attended this year's parade. Gloucester City Mayor Dan Spencer was decked out in his Irish scarf, tie and carried his Irish shillelagh



Gloucester City Mayor Dan Spencer and Monsignor Bill Hodge do their impression of the mummer strut with one of the string band captains in front of St. Mary's Church



Monsignor Bill Hodge enjoyed the day. Being the Irishman that he is he couldn't contain himself when the music starting playing he had this urge to strut his stuff.



Celebrity Parade Marshall Bob Kelly from Fox 29 was dressed out in his finery including his shamrock sports coat which he only wears, hopefully, at St. Patrick's celebrations.  Where do you buy something like that Bob?


Mary Blackiston just couldn't help herself. She showed everyone that you can't keep a Gloucester City girl down when the string band starts playing you have to dance!


Honor guest  Deputy Consul General from Ireland Sean O’Hageon

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( photos courtesy of Heidi Weaver )