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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 3, 2020)--(Gloucestercitynews.net)--The First Settlement on the Delaware, a history of Gloucester City, was written by Louisa W. Llewellyn and released in 1976. For those interested the book has been digitized and can be found on the Gloucester City Library website here.  Below is an excerpt from the book

Dr. William C. Mulford, Gloucester's first physician, came to

Gloucester in 1945 and contributed many years of service to the community. He operated the first postal service from a one-story frame building he owned on the southeast corner of King and Market Streets. From 1847 he was active in the administration of the school system, first as treasurer and later as acting superintendent. Dr. Mulford was an incorporator of the first building and loan association and Cedar Grove Cemetery and an organizer of the First Presbyterian Church, Cloud Lodge, and Arwames Lodge of Odd Fellows.

James L. Hines, one of the town's most highly respected citizens, was a well-known businessman and politician. He served as justice of the peace and mayor of Gloucester and was a member of the state legislature for two terms. Mr. Hines was an incorporator of the Mutual Building and Loan Association and Cedar Grove Cemetery. He was also very active in the First Methodist Church.

John Butts, handyman on William Thompson's estate, was a well-liked and respected Negro member of the city. The same young people who kept other Negroes out of the town would spend hours with him. Social workers came to Gloucester looking for poor blacks to help. They finally located John and asked him where the Negroes were. Mr. Butts very politely answered, "Here I is!,"

William D. Antrim, inventor, who lived at 920 Gaunt Street, was awarded patents on an oven door hinge and on an oven for gas ranges by the United States Patent Office in 1931.

John Owens, born in Gloucester in 1857, began building the model boats for the Memorial Day ceremonies in 1901. He continued this service until he was 92 and had constructed 48 boats for the celebration.

Henry S. Holmes, Gloucester's Indian fighter, served in three wars. He enlisted during the Indian Wars of 1890-92, was part of the Rough Riders during the Spanish American War, and fought in Mexico under Pershing. He was fond of telling stories about the days when Gloucester had about 150 farms.

The Rt. Rev. Msgr. M.E. Bric was the guiding light of St. Mary's parish from 1913 until his death. Under his administration of the parish the educational system was developed from an elementary school to a complete system known for high academic standards.

John A. Lynch dedicated 40 years of his time, effort, and concern to the public school system as a member of the Board of Education. Twenty-one of those years, he was president of the board. Mr. Lynch was also very active in the First Methodist Church and Cloud Lodge.

Emma Burns, organizer of a women's club in the city, was instrumental in starting the Gloucester Public Library. She was also involved in the activities of the D.A.R.

Grace A. Demarest devoted many years of service as a volunteer with the American Red cross. She also was active in promoting the Gloucester Library. Mrs. Demarest worked in canteens for servicemen during both world wars.

Miss Priscilla Redfield taught in the public schools from 1850 to 1903 and Miss Rose McBride taught from 1896 to 1949. Each contributed 53 years of service
to the children of Gloucester City.

Mary Ethel Costello, for whom a school has been named, dedicated her life to the children of the city. She inspired many others, including her sister Margaret, to become teachers. Miss Costello's high academic and personal standards were guidelines for many.

Sister Agnes De Lourdes put many children on the road to knowledge in the 50 years she devoted to the students of St. Mary's Grammar School.

Judith Unger Scott, former resident and graduate of Gloucester High School, became a well-known author of books for teens. Two of the books were Lessons in Loveliness and Manners for Moderns.

(Hundreds of others, male and female, have made Gloucester the fine place to live that it is. Those described above are simply examples of the many. Perhaps someday a biographical dictionary will be written-a Who's Who of Gloucester.)




Janine Hill is a graduate of Gloucester High School and the Philadelphia College of Art. She does some freelance illustrating, painting, and drawing but is interested in designing as a commercial artist for a publisher. Janine is presently doing sales and display work at the Living History Center in Philadelphia.

Henry Karpinski was born in Sugar Notch, Pa., and has lived in Gloucester for 23 years. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art and began to teach in Gloucester City. Mr. Karpinski has taught here for 25 years, the last 13 in the high school. He had the first one-man art show in the new city library.

Glynneth Llewellyn graduated from Gloucester High School in 1975 and is presently an anthropology major at the University of Vermont. Glynneth enjoys working in several art media but does this basically as a hobby. Most of her artistic efforts are done for members of the family or friends. Glynneth's logo design is a familiar sight around town.

Frank Morrow attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia after graduation from Gloucester High School. Frank has a studio in his home where he works in oils and water color. He has sold a number of paintings, including his first award winning painting of St. Paul. Frank has just enlisted in the Navy.

Earl Nazar is a lifelong resident of Gloucester City and a graduate of Gloucester High School. The Nazar home on Baynes Avenue is frequently admired by passersby. As a commercial artist for R.C.A., Mr. Nazar is kept very busy and even designs the company's Christmas card. He also has a studio in his home.

Raymond Stanaitis holds a supervisory position at the Delaware County Daily Times where he began as an apprentice immediately after graduation from Chester High School, Pa. As the Bicentennial Town Crier he collected 300 signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Ray also did the centerpieces for the Bicentennial Ball.

Thomas Williams began painting after retiring from his job as a carpenter. After a few lessons at the Haddonfield Arts and Crafts School, he designed and painted his own Christmas cards. Most of his paintings are of historic landmarks copied from photographs. Mr. Williams is now 82 and lives in Florida because of his health.


Ronald Baile is a graduate of Gloucester City High School and a veteran of the U.S. Army. Ron has always been interested in the history of Gloucester and is an active member of the Historical Society. Ron has a very special interest which manifests itself in his membership in the Gateway Model Railroad Club."

Albert Corcoran (deceased) was both interested and involved in Gloucester's history. He wrote a column in the Gateway News under the name Roy Noble and stimulated considerable interest in the history of the area. Mr. Corcoran was chairman of the 100th anniversary celebration of Gloucester's incorporation as a

John Corcoran is a man who wears many hats. He is a member of the speech department at Glassboro State College, a volunteer fireman, president of the Gloucester City School Board, and chairman of the Bicentennial Committee. Using a file left by his father, Dr. Corcoran persuaded the city council to become
involved in the Bicentennial celebration.

Harry Demarest is a former Gloucester High School history teacher who has maintained an interest in local history throughout his lifetime. Mr. Demarest has been active with with Historical Society and the Bicentennial Committee but another major interest is with the VFW. Almost singlehandedly he has kept the traditional Veterans Day alive.

Harry Green is probably better known in Gloucester City as Mr. History. His love for Gloucester and his knowledge of local history has become known throughout the state. As honorary chairman of the Bicentennial and as a member of the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission, Mr. Green is kept on the move.

David Munn is a former resident and a graduate of Gloucester High School who is considered an expert on the history of Fort Nassau and the life of David Brown. Mr. Munn is a graduate Rutgers-South and Drexel University and is president of the Camden County Historical Society. He works at the State Library in the Archives History Department in Trenton.

Frank Stetser is president of the Gloucester City Historical Society, having been a member of that organization for many years. For a number of years, Mr. Stetser was the owner-publisher of the Gateway News, a weekly newspaper printed in Westville. He has retired from the newspaper business.

Drawings, Maps, Photographs

Stanley and Michael Ashmen are a father-son artist team who have done work for the Bicentennial Committee. Each did only one drawing included in this book.

Cheryl Karpinski was the official photographer for the Bicentennial. A graduate of Glassboro State College, Cheryl plans to be an art teacher.

Mark Llewellyn a senior at Gloucester High School is better known as an athlete. He did a few drawings and maps and also some typing during deadline rushes.

Gerry and Thomas McGrath are a fine brother team of photographers. These young men did most of the photography for Chapters 6 and 7. They do their own printing and developing in a basement dark room.

Hollis Veley was the map maker for the book. The complete map on the back end sheets plus three major maps in the book were drawn by him and took about 300 hours of work. Hollis will soon graduate from Rutgers-South where he majored in math. He plans to continue drawing maps to publish and sell since his first was so successful and has sold over 1000 copies.

Photographs and maps courtesy of Ed Anyzek, the Corcorans, Essie and Harry Green, Barbara Hillman, Charles Walmsley (S.M.A.),and Marie Williams (corrected from addendum).


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