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How can you fax from a wireless printer without a phone line? (February 20, 2020)--Do you know you can use your wireless printer to send and receive faxes? Online fax services allow you to manage your fax communications with different types of printers. Nowadays, special printers are available with faxing capabilities.

These printers come with fax hardware and a fax button to send faxes. For this reason, it can be easy for you to fax the essential documents. If your printer doesn’t have faxing capabilities, you can use an online fax service.

CocoFax for Wireless Faxing

CocoFax allows you to manage wireless faxing without a telephone line and a fax machine. You can use your wireless printer without a phone line. If you have a printer with faxing capabilities, things can be easy for you.


In this situation, you will need a telephone line (a landline) to plug into your printer. These printers come with a socket for a phone line. To receive faxes on the same printer, you have to turn it on 24/7. You can miss your faxes with a turned-off printer.

With the use of CocoFax, you can use the power of an ordinary printer. You can manage your fax communications without a fax machine and a phone line. CocoFax is famous among millions of people around the world.

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CocoFax successfully features on the top platform, such as Forbes, Top 10 Reviews, TechRadar, PCMag, CNET, etc. With this online fax service, you can protect your important documents. For its HIPAA compliant faxing, it is famous among insurance companies and several other businesses.

Power of Wireless Faxing 

CocoFax is a reliable service to send and receive faxes without a phone and fax machine. If you want to use your wireless printer without a phone line, create your account with CocoFax. You will need a fax number, and CocoFax can provide you with a number.

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Visit the CocoFax website to register your email ID and create a CocoFax account. It enables you to access your 30-day free trial, CocoFax dashboard and a free fax number. Make sure to use an internet connection on your device and a web browser.

Why do you need a CocoFax account?

CocoFax is necessary to translate information from your cell phone or computer to a fax machine. You will get a fax number to send and receive faxes. There is no need to purchase hardware because CocoFax can handle everything.

Send Faxes

Step 01: Get your CocoFax account and a free 30-day trial to check the features of CocoFax before buying it. You are allowed to select your fax number.

Step 02: Prepare the documents that you want to fax. If you have hard copies, put them in a document feeder of the printer to scan each document. Save all scanned copies on your smartphone or computer. Skip this step if you have soft copies of your document.

Step 03: Open a web browser on your device and login to a CocoFax account. You will be able to access a dashboard. Tap on the “Send Fax” button on the corner and prepare new fax in a popup window.

You have to type in the receiver’s fax number and subject line. Remember, the subject line will become a note on the initial page of fax documents. Feel free to create a cover page for your faxes. Upload all scanned documents that you want to fax.

Step 04: Tap on the “Send” button and you are done. CocoFax will dial the fax number of the receiver to deliver this fax to his/her fax machine. You will get confirmation of the successful delivery of faxes. A fax transmission can be unsuccessful if the fax machine is off or busy.

Receive a Fax

Process of receiving free faxes online can be easy than sending. You will get all faxes on your registered account with CocoFax. Check dashboard of CocoFax to find received faxes in an inbox. Make sure to use the same ID (registered with CocoFax) to send and receive faxes.


Wireless faxing becomes secure and easy with the help of CocoFax. You can send faxes without a phone line and a multipurpose printer. Create your CocoFax account to get access to its dashboard. You will get a free fax number to receive your faxes.

Scan hard copies of your documents with your printer because you will need soft copies to send via fax. The dashboard of CocoFax enables you to send faxes with the help of wireless technology.