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Rev. Howard E. Muhlbaier, Retired Catholic Priest; Teacher and Alumnus of Gloucester Catholic HS

Green Party Senate Candidate Hoffman: Another Democratic Party Dinner for the 1%

Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020 released the following prepared statement prior to Saturday's  fundraiser for Congressman Donald Norcross. Made-1
What does it mean when Senator Cory Booker, Senator Robert Menendez, Governor Phil Murphy and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi all gather in Camden to support Representative Donald Norcross for a $2,800 a plate meal?
It means that big money controls this election cycle once again. What does it matter if there is a “D” or “R” next to your name when all that matters to these politicians is how many $2,800 plates and big donors attend to donate big money? This leaves little room for the voices of those not so wealthy; people dealing with issues of healthcare, making a living wage, addressing environmental concerns, and ending non-stop military spending.
Join the Green Party of New Jersey and Hoffman For Senate in a protest at Camden County College, 200 College Drive, Blackwood, New Jersey from 12pm to 2pm on Saturday, February 29th. Help raise awareness with the 99% on these issues and many more not being addressed by either mainstream party.
“The politicians who represent us are completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent,” said Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020, challenging Senator Cory Booker. “My campaign accepts no corporate money or PAC money. Instead I can fight for what the majority of people need — as I have all my adult life. It’s time for us to elect representatives who are dedicated to addressing the needs of the 99%.”
Kim Meudt, Co-Chair of Green Party NJ and life-long resident of Camden County said, “The Norcross Machine wants $2,800 per plate but what’s being served up to the residents of Camden?”
Craig Cayetano, Co-Chair of Green Party NJ said “We are inviting all our allies to come out, even those still associated with the Democratic Party, to stand up and say that this shouldn’t be the new normal. We denounce these dinners which leave the majority of the NJ electorate on the outside of policy-making and just pandered to as the election season ramps up.”
The Hoffman for Senate 2020 campaign will be at the protest and in a symbolic protest offer food and a drink for attendees at $2.80 to show that the interests of big money and the interests of the vast majority of people in this country are not the same! Instead, we need to:
  • Stop supporting endless wars.
  • Move the money into our communities and into public education, tuition-free   college and student debt forgiveness.
  •  Move the money into Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.
  • Support a real Green New Deal that confronts the bloated military budget and creates sustainable jobs for all.
  • Increase grassroots democracy and stop allowing those with the big money to control the party interests.
  • Enact Rank Choice Voting to allow more voices a fair chance at being elected and abolish the corrupted “Line” currently used in New Jersey.
If you cannot attend, please consider sharing, volunteering and donating! Check out the Hoffman For Senate website, Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram all year as we will be a progressive voice on the ballot on November 3rd!