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Donald Norcross Complains The President Is Guilty

 While Continuing To Ignore Camden Tax Incentive Scandal

Gustafson says Norcross should “stop whining about this impeachment nonsense.”

COLLINGSWOOD – Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s first

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congressional district, called out Congressman Donald Norcross over one of his campaign’s social media posts today. The post said, “The President is guilty & everybody knows it. Senate Republicans are sweeping this under the rug & trying to cover it up from the American people. #ImpeachmentDay”

“It’s laughable that Congressman Donald Norcross who bragged he ‘led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law,’ the very law that led to the tax incentive scandals that Governor Phil Murphy saidwas ‘a rigged system’ and ‘was designed by special interests to benefit special interests’ has the guts to claim anyone is guilty of anything when some of the special interests the Governor was talking about were Donald Norcross’ family members,” Claire Gustafson said, “There was possibly wrongdoing involved with the tax breaks that went to companies that moved to Camden and everyone, including the Governor, knows it.”

Gustafson added, “If Donald Norcross is truly concerned with anyone being guilty of anything maybe he should stop whining about this impeachment nonsense and answer my challenge for him to use the bully pulpit of his congressional seat to have an honest investigation launched into exactly what led to the Camden tax incentive scandal and that if any wrongdoing is discovered those responsible are punished.”

“Maybe, while Governor Murphy is here in South Jersey to headline a fundraiser for Norcross, the Governor can explain why he is supporting the guy who bragged about getting the law passed that led to the ‘rigged system’ the Governor complained about. I and many other folks in South Jersey look forward to hearing the Governor explain it,” Gustafson said.