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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Grooming

Dawn Watson,\CNBNews Contributor


Good grooming is essential to maintain your dog's health. But how much grooming does it take?

Many veterinarians recommend clipping Fido's nails every three weeks. If the nails become too long they may curl under and damage the pads of his feet, causing pain or even infection. Trimming the fur surrounding his pads is also a good idea because dirt can cling to the area or become matted. It requires the help of the best dog nail grinder.

LogoSome groomers are qualified to express glands that can cause discomfort. If your groomer does not wish to take charge of this procedure you must go to your veterinarian to have it done. 

Dogs should be bathed and brushed to keep their fur healthy. Your groomer will check to make sure your best buddy is flea-and-tick free and may recommend brushing his teeth with specially formulated toothpaste made solely for dogs.

Do not shave a double-coated dog! Their fur will keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter! American Eskimo dogs, the St Bernard, Huskies, and Malamutes should never be shaved! A thorough brushing and a trim near the pads is all they need!

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