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Contractor Buckley Cable (photos above and below) working on Johnson Blvd., across from the baseball fields

CNBNews Staff

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 8, 2020)--Buckley Cable, a company subcontracted by Comcast has been working throughout Gloucester City running new cable lines. Gloucester City Police Lt. Steve Burkhardt was asked who pays for the officers that are assigned to direct traffic at these work sites?  "When the contractor needs officers for traffic control, they pay a fee to the city to cover the officer’s pay as well as an additional fee for the use of the city's police car. The officers work these details on their days off."

The city ordinance pertaining to compensation for off-duty officers assigned to these jobs states the rate of compensation for the officer per hour for traffic is $85; the rate per-hour for all other is $50; rate of compensation per-hour for schools $50 three hour minimum $150; rate of compensation per-hour for police vehicle use $17.50. A full breakdown of the fees appears below. The ordinance was adopted on May 17, 2018.

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