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Brooklawn Drops Championship on Emotional Decision

by CNBNews Staff

BROOKLAWN, NJ—Brooklawn School's first year Coach Austin Darrow never expected his first championship game as a Head coach would be decided off the court instead of on the hardwood floor of a gym.

Darrow was forced to decide before the game whether to sit his best player over a personal issue and probably lose the game for his entire team or play the game as if nothing happened. After getting support from players and parents, Darrow felt setting aside his principles was not worth a Championship.

Darrow sat his best player and with his top player sitting and watching, the Brooklawn Bears battled the best they could, but soon found themselves losing by 30 points. Darrow visibily upset continued to rally his team, however, the experience and lesson learned was bittersweet considering the bragging rights that come along with winning a Champioship, but the parameters of teaching the game of basketball extends well beyond the lines.

Brooklawn congratulations on an outstanding performance, the loss will always be there but, the lesson learned will never be forgotten!

Pictured below Head Coach Austin Darrow


Pictured below Jason Flynn


Pictured below Mark Dadario


Pictured below Logan Depoder


Pictured below Coach Austin Darrow and players


Pictured below 2020 Bears