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3 Tips for Preventing Common Tree Accidents in Gloucester City (February 17, 2020)--Homeowners in Gloucester City pay an average of $563 for tree planting services,  according to Trees add aesthetics to properties, keep yards fresh, and prevent flooding. However, as trees age and become large, they pose a danger to the surroundings, and if not mitigated, the accidents can be fatal. Tree hazards may result from storm-related or construction damages.
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While there are few reports where a  car crashes into a tree in the area, when they occur, injuries are often difficult to remedy. If you have trees in your property, it is essential to know the potential risks and how to manage them. 
Identify the Risks
Start by observing the trunk to find out if there is decay. You may notice multiple reproductive structures, which indicate that the decay has reached an advanced stage. Dead branch stubs, cracks, butt swell, and large-old wounds are signs the tree is rotting from the inside. Also, inspect the crown and roots. 
If there is any damage to the root, the likelihood of failure is high. Understanding the  causes of tree failure helps you take the necessary steps to prevent branches or the whole tree from falling on houses, vehicles, or people. 
Hire Expert Tree Services
According to  Rich's Tree Service, time is of the essence to ensure the safety of people and property when a tree begins to fall or decay. After identifying risks, contact a professional arborist immediately. An arborist will assess the tree’s health or level of damage caused by either disease, construction work, a car collision, or harsh weather. Depending on the extent of damage, tree service providers will recommend  various tree treatment methods, including pruning and removal. However, you may require emergency services if the tree has fallen, landed on property, or lighting strikes cutting off branches. 
Avoid Cutting or Trimming Trees 
Cutting down trees involves many dangers, and without professional knowledge, you are likely to experience injuries and severe damages. Arborists are aware of the  risks involved in tree cutting and trimming and follow strict safety measures to avoid falling and electrocution. They also use the right equipment and prepare before the hazards falling twigs and branches present.  
Apart from knowledge and using advanced equipment, professional arborists offer many services. When you hire reliable tree service providers, you don’t have to worry about green waste. Experts know how to dispose of debris from large-scale tree cutting. Plus, they will remove stumps without causing damage to the environment.