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Which countries allow online gambling casino (January 27, 2020)--If your country allows gambling in casinos, then lucky for you since you have a way of making money at the comfort of your home. Some countries do not allow online gambling, and therefore, if you are caught playing casino games in such countries, you will be charged according to the law. Therefore, before you embark on your online gambling, it is necessary to find out whether the country in which the casino is based allows gambling. In this article, I have combined a list of countries where online gambling is legal.

Why a casino doesn't legal in some countries

Regardless of whether gambling is legal or illegal in certain nations, there will always be gamblers. The main reason as to why some governments fail to legalize gambling is to protect the citizens from vice and making poor decisions. You must have heard of people who lost everything that they owned in gambling or some who have become addicts. Now, these are some of the things that governments try to protect by making casinos illegal. Professionals from online casino real money will help you identify some of the precautions that you should take to make a big win from gambling. 

  • Canada

Canada has legalized gambling in some regions, while in others, it is illegal. Therefore, gambling regulations differ across the ten provinces. Each province has the mandate to regulate gambling activities, and hence, you need to familiarize yourself with the gambling rules in your province. The online casinos ought to follow the regulations set out by the governing province. 

  • Australia and New Zealand

The Australian and New Zealand law have allowed their citizens to participate in online gambling activities. All that is required is for the casino operators to have gambling licenses, and they will be free to run their businesses in any part of the nation. However, the only form of gambling allowed in Australia is sports betting, auto-racing betting, and online lottery. In New Zealand, gambling is only legal if authorized by the Gambling Act 2003.

  • USA

The USA makes 70% of the players base on online gambling. The US federal law has legalized gambling. However, the law ensures to have certain restrictions when it comes to online and interstate gambling. This means that some gambling activities might be considered legal in one state, yet they are illegal in another state. Every state has the mandate to regulate gambling activities within its borders. Therefore, you need to play in a state where online gambling is legal. 

  • South countries

Among the countries that allow online gambling in South America is Argentina. The country boasts some of the largest casinos across the world. There are over 80 casinos in Argentina, as well as approximately 12000 slots. The government regulations in Chile and Venezuela have legalized gambling. Brazil is among the southern countries that do not allow casino betting. pastedGraphic.png

  • United Kingdom

The UK stands to be the nation with the best gambling rules. It allows gambling for any individual as long as they are above 18 years. Unlike other nations, the country does not charge any taxes on the amounts won from gambling. Therefore, this makes it a favorable place for gambling in online casinos. Their online gambling regulations ensure that the players have a fair and safe gambling environment.


  • The grey areas of online gambling

Online gambling falls into the grey area because it is difficult to regulate its operations in countries where gambling has been legalized. For instance, most of the players do it from home hence making it difficult to convict them. Also, the servers are located in countries that have legalized gambling.  In turn, their websites run in different parts of the world. People take casino licenses and end up running their activities in areas where gambling is restricted.

  • Other European countries

Following the boom of the gambling business, most of the European countries have legalized gambling. Hence, as long as you are in such countries, you can pop up in any legal casinos and play with real money. They believe that gambling helps in the growth of the economy. Some of those countries include Hungry, Malta, Portugal, Norway, Spain, France, Germany, Netherland, Gibraltar, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Belgium, and Switzerland.



  • Asia

The gambling laws in Asia allows business people to run gambling platforms such as online casinos. Countries such as Kazakhstan, Philippines, and Japan have fully legalized gambling. Besides, countries such as Thailand, China, Macao, and Singapore partly allow people to gamble. In India, gambling is only allowed in the states of Goa and Sikkim. As well, some Indian states have legalized scratch card games. 

Now that you have known where gambling is allowed, you do not have to fear being convicted for gambling. All you have to do is search for licensed casinos in such countries, and you will be free to gamble on your favorite games. Such casinos are a guarantee that you can play with real money and have a timely payment of your winnings.