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Election 2020: Trump Co-Chairs Condemn NJ-2 Candidate Richter for Anti-Trump Rhetoric


New Jersey State Senator Joe Pennacchio & State Senator Michael Testa Jr., who co-chair President Trump’s New Jersey re-election campaign, issued the following statement condemning NJ-02 candidate David Richter for anti-Trump comments he made in today’s New York Times.  

2020 election
“Accusing President Trump of abandoning his principles is the type of rhetoric you would expect to hear from his Democratic Socialist opponents like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, not an allegedly “Republican” candidate for the US House of Representatives. If Republicans can’t trust Richter to defend the President to a New York Times reporter how could they ever trust him to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats in Washington. Congressman Van Drew stood up to the Democrats’ impeachment hoax and defended President Trump when it mattered most - that’s why the President will be in South Jersey later this month to stand with Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew. President Trump has kept all of his campaign promises and to say otherwise is intellectually disingenuous.”