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Trending Destinations To Consider For Your 2020 Vacation 

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( 17, 2020)-- As January is said to be one of the most depressing months of the year, it could be time to start planning your next vacation. With deals and offers hitting our screens ready to get you out of the winter blues, check out some of the best destinations to consider for your next getaway.




For a blissful vacation, not far from home shores, Hawaii is the perfect remedy. Its beautiful mix of beaches and resorts offers you the chance to soak up the sunshine all year round. For destinations, a little off the tourist tracks, visit locations in the North Shore area for azure waters and spectacular scenery. This spot is also perfect for adventurers as the hikes and walks in the region certainly capture the magical view.




Heading to North Africa, you’ll find the enchanting destination of Morocco. There are many diverse spots to behold, including the vibrant cities of Marrakesh and Casablanca. For anyone looking to immerse themselves in the authentic culture, the myriad of markets and medina’s is enough to satisfy your curiosity. There are many Morocco vacation packages that offer a mix of culture and traditional beach getaways. So you will have the best of both worlds for a unique vacation experience. 


United Kingdom


Home to the Queen and birthplace of The Beatles, the United Kingdom has always proved a top spot for vacationers looking for a fun getaway. There’s a diverse selection of places to visit, including the popular capital of London to the glorious sandy shores of Cornwall. Traveling further north, you’ll also find the captivating destination of Scotland that boasts incredible scenery and the home of the Loch Ness Monster. 


French Riviera 


If you’re looking for a splash of luxury on your travels, the French Riviera is a must-visit. Located on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean, here you’ll find some of the top luxury locations of Saint Tropez and Cannes to indulge in the resorts and hotels of the rich and famous. This destination is also perfect for anyone that loves cruises and boat excursions, as you can hop on a tour and visit the nearby coastal resorts of Monaco and Nice. 




Considered as one of the most beautiful and captivating islands in Indonesia, Bali is often a top choice for people looking to soak up the sunshine on a relaxing vacation. Here, you’ll find stunning scenery and a mix of retreats and lively resorts, and you can’t ignore its laidback vibe, which offers a genuinely tranquil break. The island is also home to a variety of historic temples and heritage sites. Plus, for those looking for something a little more fast-paced, there’s water sports and hiking to quench your thirst. 


Whether you’re looking for the ultimate luxury vacation or want an affordable destination to get away from it all for a few weeks, there is a host of options both home and away. Don’t take our word for it, go and explore and see where your vacation takes you in 2020.