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Towns in New Jersey Join Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement


NEW JERSEY—Some towns in New Jersey have joined the Second Amendment sanctuary movement, according to  This movement is a form of civil disobedience that has taken off in Virginia, and it is also making strides in Kentucky.

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Alexander Roubian of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society stated that two towns in the Garden State have already declared themselves as Second Amendment sanctuary jurisdictions, while “we are aware of dozens of others that are supportive of passing similar measures. We have been working non-stop to help spread resolutions to towns and cities throughout New Jersey with a tremendous amount of positive feedback.”


One can look at the summaries of the Virginia and New Jersey laws available via NRA-ILA’s web site and ask if the movement does any good in the latter state. One thing New Jersey lacks that Virginia has is a specific provision in the state constitution protecting the right to keep and bear arms.


New Jersey’s constitution does declare that citizens have rights when it comes to “defending life,” “protecting property,” and “pursuing and obtaining safety” – but somehow, the officials in New Jersey have gotten away with infringing on the right to own the implements that are the best at achieving those objectives. Despite that current state of illogic, Roubian still sees signs of hope in New Jersey.

“While there is a much more restrictive baseline for Second Amendment rights in New Jersey, we commend the law enforcement officers that have always honored and respected the Second Amendment in our State and expedite gun permits while others claim it takes 6-12 months to process an application. There are many police departments that already do the right thing when it comes to an individual making a hyper-technical violation of New Jersey's draconian and discriminatory gun-licensing scheme and we commend those officers and departments,” he said. 


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