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Step by Step Procedure of How to Replace Your Water Softener Resin Bed (Video)


Gloucestercitynews.net (January 25, 2020)--The primary role of your water softener resin bed is to convert hard water into soft water. It does this by exchanging hard ions for sodium ions. After long use of your water softener resin bed, you may have recently noticed that the machine is not performing its task as expected.

There are many reasons why this happens. Some of the reasons include exposure to chlorinated waters, contamination from visible algae growth, excess fine sand, and foul smell. Whichever the reason, your water resin bed needs a replacement. Here is a simple guide on how to replace a water softener resin bed on a budget.

Diagnose the issue

You cannot begin replacing your resin bed without confirming if it has become damaged or not. As a result, the first step of replacing your machine is by conducting a test that proves a problem with the resin bed. To check if your water resin bed has a problem, clean it using iron removal chemicals. After this, proceed to pour your hard water, and if it runs out of soft water quickly or even worse, do not produce soft water, follow the step below.

Remove the old water softener resin bed

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Various fasteners are holding the valve head to the bypass valve. Remove these fasteners to allow easier removal of the entire unit. Remember to become keen with the O-rings for the faster reinstallation of the new unit.

Fix the new unit using a new riser tube and resin

Please place a new riser tube in the freshwater softener resin bed but ensure it has an equal height to the previous one. From here, proceed to put the new resins in the tank and then fix the new unit into the location of the old water softener resin bed. Ensure that you correctly fix the screws to avoid problems with your new unit. While pouring the resins, use a resin funnel and seek help from a friend as this part is always tricky and can get messy.

Things to keep in mind before replacing your water softener resin bed

The entire process takes about four hours. Also, essential equipment for the replacements includes a funnel, gravel, new resins, four in one screwdriver, and a riser tube. It becomes recommended that you settle for quality products. Usually, these high-quality products are expensive but get the work done. The main reason they become recommended despite their high price is to have the water softener resin bed serving you for an extended period without any complications.


There is a low chance that the procedure may turn out negative. If this is what you end up experiencing, consider seeking help from a licensed professional plumber. However, keep in mind that this will cost you an estimated $150. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that the above economical procedure for replacing the water softener resin bed will fail.