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FBI News: Fraud Ring Leader Sentenced
Carlos Perez, of Pennsauken, Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Conspiracy

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How Does Old Spice Try to Sell Their Product?


In 2010, the iconic men’s grooming products brand, Old Spice, executed one of the most memorable marketing campaigns aiming to boost sales and market share. After acquiring Old Spice from Shulton, Inc. in 1990, Procter & Gamble (P&G) commenced marketing efforts in order to revolutionize the brand and appeal to a younger consumer group. The aspect that made Old Spice’s marketing campaign so successful was the originality of their advertisement methods. Nowadays, consumers are overwhelmed by the number of ads they are exposed to, thus making it more difficult to catch their attention and create a lasting impression. Old Spice employed unique branding strategies that allowed them to appeal to a wider audience.

Before P&G’s launch of a new marketing campaign for the brand, Old Spice product sales were in decline, entering the final stages of its product lifecycle. The turnaround came when P&G created an ad with the NFL star, Isaiah Mustafa, starring as the “Old Spice Guy” with the slogan “the man your man could smell like”.

In 2010, the ingenuity and inventiveness of the advertisement were rewarded with the Golden Lion Award at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The reason why this advertisement film was so successful was that it targeted a new consumer group Old Spice had not addressed before. Instead of focusing on their usual male audience, they targeted women who are at the helm of decision making regarding household purchases, thus shopping for men’s grooming products as well.

However, the main impact on the target consumer group was achieved through social media. The ad was posted on YouTube, gathering millions of views, with reactions on Twitter generating countless tweets as well as a Facebook fan page dedicated to the “Old Spice Guy.” Old Spice created even more awareness by interacting with consumers through personalized videos, answering customers’ questions and comments on their YouTube channel. The success of an effective presence on these influential social media platforms created powerful brand awareness, which resulted in an increase in sales by a staggering 55% in a three-month period.

Old Spice was efficaciously able to benefit from a new era of ‘viral marketing campaigns’, at the same time, benefiting through traditional mediums of marketing. Whilst expanding their target consumer group by appealing to women as well as men through their new advertisement film, Old Spice succeeds in communicating their brand’s new message on social media platforms as Kaplan and Haenlein coin as an ‘electronic word-of-mouth’ method. Marketing strategies are continuously shaped through this new age of the internet and social media, with the Old Spice example perfectly exemplifying the positive effects a brand’s performance can experience when these strategies are executed immaculately.