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Nursing, Its Career Options and Benefits


Gloucestercitynews.net(January 21, 2020)--Slipping into the shoes of a nurse is not an easy task, as many people say. Only those who have worked their brains out to earn this job will know the hardships. Once you get to the kernel of the profession and be molded to the routine life, the real intricacies start to unfold. Nursing, unlike any other profession, demands an immense passion for serving fellow beings. It is not just confined to the concept of service, but also has excellent options and scope on the track of career growth. Most of the aspiring nurses would know how the profession works, while many who haven't yet finalized the program might be less conversant with the structure of a nurse's job. It's better to plan many steps beforehand to avoid an unwanted life-changing decision of pursuing a career in nursing


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Nurses have always been considered as angels in the world of deteriorating health, which they undoubtedly are. They are indeed the adhesive that holds the life from ebbing off the body. The smile and service that they provide is of immeasurable divinity, the same reason for which nurses are given their due importance. No other profession would have probably had the unabated scope as nursing has. With more than 4 million registered nurses in the US, the health sector stands at quite a robust position. Enhancements to the whole industry are made without breaks to provide impeccable care to every patient. Nurses start working to provide service to people right from the stage of birth to death.

The love and care for patients alone would not get the job done with perfection; high proficiency and knowledge in the profession is crucial. By learning the subject to its deepest details, you educate yourself with all that you need to know to reinvigorate the sick. Caring for the patients depending upon their health issue is better dealt with, by having significant experience. 

Career Options

The job of a nurse would depend on his/her specialization and area of work. Associate's Degree in Nursing (ASN or ADN), Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN), Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are some of the programs which have to be completed by a nursing student to start practicing. College of Nursing at Roseman University has a wide range of nursing program options, including the ones mentioned above. The various specialties of nursing include:

  1. Schools and camps
  2. Ambulatory service
  3. Transport services (flights)
  4. Forensic nursing
  5. Diabetes care
  6. Nephrology
  7. Pediatrics
  8. Rheumatology
  9. Radiology
  10. Labor
  11. Psychiatry
  12. Gynecology
  13. Obstetrics
  14. Transplants
  15. Neuroscience
  16. Telemetry



Benefits of Being a Nurse

The demand for nurses in the US is at an all-time high now as the supply has substantially reduced. And this would be the ideal time for the aspiring nurses to step into their dream profession and the foreign-specialized nurses to migrate to the country. This crisis is thereby an opening to all the nurses, as it offers better job security and payment. The current situation also provides options for working overtime, becoming a nurse educator, shifting to advanced career paths with time, and pursuing higher degrees.


Shooting up into success is never an easy task, and when you choose to become a nurse, you are for sure, going to be drained. So it would help if you gathered all the patience and passion before stepping into that profession. Never jump into the lifechanging decision overnight; contemplate on it and try loving everything about it, and then click to transport yourself to that dream.