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NJ Sierra Club Opinion: Menhaden Fishing Quota Bill Released from Committee


The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee released S3796 (Andrzejczak). The bill requires the DEP Commissioner to establish individual transferable quota system for menhaden purse seine fishery. Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, released the following Guest op 1statement:


“Menhaden are an important species and the food supply and stability of our fisheries, but this bill would lead to overfishing of this critical fish. Our concern is that the bill will privatize the regulation and mandate by setting up this quote system. By locking in quotas for different fishing interests, we believe it will lead to overfishing. What is an even bigger problem is the trading system of quotas. Menhaden are a critical link to the food web and are known as forage species. This means they function as a food source for larger species like bluefish and striped bass. This legislation will essentially be a destructive domino effect throughout the marine food chain. It will not only impact these important species, but impact New Jersey’s commercial and recreational fisheries.”