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Maple Shade PD Alert: Beware! Phone Scammers are Active in the Area


MAPLE SHADE, NJ (January 28, 2020)----Authorities have reported an increase in various scams across the country which typically involve telemarketing scammers posing as User44726-1580229886-media1_0300a7_240_134_PrsMe_lawyers, customs, or lottery officials targeting residents with fraudulent promises of large cash prizes, vacation getaways, vehicles, or other prizes.

The perpetrators tell “winners” they can claim a prize if they pay for shipping, insurance, customs duties, or taxes, by providing bank or credit card information, or by wiring the money.  In some situations, the scammers ask their victims to send a check.  When they have the bank routing number, they use it to make unauthorized withdrawals from the account.

**There is no Prize** 

The scammers keep their victims money.  They can be threatening, relentless and manipulative.  They commonly prey on older adults.  If you have older friends or relatives, remind them to be careful and seek another opinion before giving money to anyone under these circumstances.
o If someone claims you have won a foreign lottery, it is a scam. Hang up immediately.
o Beware of solicitations asking you to send money to another country.
o Do not believe statements that you need to pay money to “collect your winnings.”
o Do not be rushed into sending money by a sense of urgency or threats.
o If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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