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How to Properly Spruce Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 13.4.38 31, 2020)--Though it’s on the inside that counts, a properly spruced up exterior can help you boost your home’s value, your own comfort, and of course help boost the quality of your neighborhood. With luck, you might even convince your other neighbors to put effort into their own homes, so all, in all you end up living on a picture-perfect street. 

You will be proud to call your house home, and when the time comes your property will sell faster and for more because of your efforts. Don’t dally, however, because the best way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal is to do it for yourself, so start today and follow this guide: 


Upgrade Your Gutters 


We don’t often think about our gutters. They help keep rainwater away from the sides of our house, what else do we need to know about them, right? The reality is that keeping your gutters clean from debris is so important, as it helps protect your foundation, stops soil from eroding, and keeps mold and mildew away from your home. 


Thankfully there are options that mean you don’t have to get up on a two-story ladder and risk your safety.  Instead you can opt for a covered gutter that prevents leaves and other items from falling in, but still safely manages your rainwater. 


Deal with Your Exterior Wall 


The exact steps you will take will depend entirely on what your wall is made of. Brick does well with being power washed to rid it of any accumulated grime. Paint needs to be washed, sanded down, and then repainted. Due to the size of the job, bringing in a professional team is definitely recommended, because when it comes to sprucing up your home, clean exterior walls is going to have the biggest impact. 


Upgrade You Doors (and Windows) 


If you aren’t happy with your home’s trimmings, then it is time to invest in them. Either paint and add decorative elements to the features you have now or replace them entirely. If you want your home to pop, for example, consider painting your window trimmings the same color as your front and garage doors.


Start Gardening, Today 


Installing fully mature plants is expensive, but if you are willing to put in the work and be patient you can end up having a stunning front and rear garden. Add a rose wall, for example, or plant a young sapling. It won’t look its best the first year, but over time your landscaping will be stunning (and budget-friendly). 


Don’t Forget Lighting 


It’s not necessary to light up every inch of your property, but you will want to invest in quality lights at least for your driveway and front door. This is so that you can see clearly when dealing with keys and it helps keep you safer. 


Your curb appeal adds a lot to your home but waiting to do something about it until you are ready to sell is a big waste. Start today and make the above improvements for yourself, because you deserve to be proud of where you live.