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How to Design Your Shop to Boost Sales


( 6, 2020)--Enticing customers into your shop is a vital part of becoming a successful business. After all, you need people to buy your products for you to continue trading. Your customers can also be your biggest cheerleaders because, depending on their experience with your brand, they may well recommend you to other people they know. This, of course, means more sales for you.

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However, your customers’ experience will also include what your shop is like. You might sell the exact product they’re looking for, but your store may not be a pleasant place for them to be in. That could mean a sale you lose to a competitor. So if you don’t want that to happen to you, then have a think about some of these tips on how you can boost sales by improving your premises.


Think of Your Threshold

Your threshold area will be the first place your prospective customers go when entering your store: it will be their initial experience of what you have to offer. It’s also at this point that customers will make judgements such as how cheap or expensive your store may be, and how well coordinated items such as your displays, fixtures and colors are. Customers are also more likely to miss products, carts or signs you place here, because they’re in the transition mode from high street to store.


What Path Will They Take?

Of all the consumers in North America, 90% of them will unconsciously turn right when they enter a store. So pay attention to the ‘power wall’ — the first wall they see — as this will give a high-impact first impression of your merchandise.


Then create a clear path for your customers through your store. This is so they get maximum exposure to your products, which can increase the chances of a purchase being made. A well thought-out path can also control the flow of traffic.


Your tills should then be at a natural stopping point that you’ve purposefully designed. So if your customers turn right when they enter, then the front left may be the ideal location. However, this will depend on the size and layout of your store.


Be a Curator

Carefully editing your merchandise is a way to escape from the number of choices available to your customers. So treating each product you have as an exhibit is a way to make your space feel more like a gallery.


Curated retail means you can have focused shopping and product relevance. Your customers are then also shown the products that are most important to them. Curation puts customers in the center of the retail process, with their preferences highlighted as being important with an uncomplicated, yet compelling shopping experience.


By using retail design, you can also make the experience fun. Humans crave entertainment and intrigue, so using items such as touchscreens and other retail technologies can turn your space into a playground, while also providing personalization and competing with online competitors.