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How to Cook Wild Game Meat (January 29, 2020)--When talking about wild game meat, it’s important to remember that we’re not talking about a single type of meat. Instead, wild game meat can come from all sorts of animals – from quail and hare to wild boars and deer. That’s why it can be a bit tricky to discuss general ways you can cook the meat as not all of them require the same treatment or temperature.

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That being said, we will try to give some guidelines on how to cook wild game meat the right way, which generally apply to most cases. Here, you will find some tips as well as some of the most common mistakes to avoid for a great cooking experience and delicious results. Check them out. 

Temperature plays a huge role

The sous-vide cooking technique is definitely the preferred approach when it comes to cooking game meat. This low-temperature long-time cooking technique enables you to control the way in which your meat is being cooked to ensure that everything is cooked evenly. Since the game is usually best when served slightly pink this technique will allow you to avoid overcooking it as you will be able to control the temperature of the environment the meat is cooking in at all times.

The way you cut the meat is very important

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the way you cut the meat before you start preparing it. While there are some animals whose meat is similar to one of the domesticated breeds and doesn’t really require special skills, there are some animals that will require not only special skills but the right tools as well. That’s why you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment for the meat of your choice in particular. If you’re not sure where you can look for such utensils, you can always do some online research and find more information at this website -

Choose the meat carefully

Furthermore, in order to prepare a great dish, you first need to ensure that your main ingredient – the meat – is of the appropriate quality. If you are not the one who hunted the animal yourself, you will need to find a reliable vendor. This way, not only will you ensure that the meat you bought is actually the meat you intended to buy and that it’s safe for you to use, but you can also rest assured that the meat was treated properly. If you’re not sure how or where you can buy fresh game meat you can always resort to the frozen options. 

Avoid common mistakes

In the end, you should get to know some of the most common mistakes people make when cooking wild game so that you can easily avoid them. The first and arguably the most important mistake to avoid is not letting the meat age properly. Since this process allows the enzymes in the meat to improve the flavor of the meat, it should definitely not be overlooked. Additionally, not marinating the meat can arguably destroy it. Since juiciness plays a huge role in wild game meat, it is very important to allow it to soak up all the juices and flavors from the marinade. 


Even though cooking wild game meat will require somewhat of a different approach than cooking regular meat, it really is not too difficult to do it right, once you master the basics. One of the best tips for cooking game is to keep the dish simple and not overwhelm it with different spices. Instead, you should allow the quality and the taste of game to shine in its full glory.