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Gustafson Thrilled To Learn Pelosi Is Coming To Support Norcross


Pelosi visit is a near perfect illustration of the difference between Norcross and Gustafson


COLLINGSWOOD – Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s first congressional district, said she was “thrilled” to learn Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is coming to Camden County to support Congressman Donald Norcross next month.

“Nancy Pelosi coming to Camden County to support Donald Norcross is a near perfect illustration of the differences I have with Congressman Norcross,” Claire Gustafson said. “Pelosi and Norcross support sanctuary states, abortion on demand, a sham impeachment and continually attack the Second Amendment. In Congress I’ll say no to sanctuary states, no to abortion as a form of birth control, no to this impeachment nonsense and no to the assault on our Second Amendment.”

“I found it almost laughable that in one report it was said that, ‘Congressman Norcross is a key member of Speaker Pelosi’s leadership team and is widely recognized for his leadership on job creation.’” Gustafson added, “It was Norcross who, in February 2014 when he first ran for Congress, proudly proclaimed he ‘led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law’ and promised it was ‘a game-changing law that will help create thousands of jobs in our region.’”

Gustafson asked, “If Congressman Norcross is such a leader on job creation where are the thousands of jobs he promised nearly six years ago?”

“Perhaps Pelosi or Norcross will explain why he now downplays his role in getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed.” Gustafson said, “I’ll be looking forward to the Congresswoman’s visit and hope we finally learn where the thousands of jobs Mr. Norcross promised are.”