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Following Trump's Lead, Cape May County Republicans Rally to Van Drew


In the short time since he announced his intentions to join the Republican party, Congressman Jeff Van Drew has been warmly welcomed by an overwhelming majority of Cape May County Republicans. Following President Trump’s lead, elected officials at the county and local level have lined up in support of the incumbent ElectionRepublican’s re-election campaign.

“We now have an incumbent, Republican Congressman, endorsed by our Republican President,” CapeGop Chairman Marcus Karavan declared. “I plan to to follow our President’s lead and work hard to reelect Rep. Van Drew to the US Congress.”

At the County level, all five members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, along with County Sheriff Robert Nolan and County Clerk Rita Fulginiti, have welcomed Van Drew to the fold and pledged to support his re-election.

Congressman Van Drew has been meeting with county and municipal elected officials over the last several weeks, stressing his long history of service to Cape May county and the many positions he has taken in support of the president’s agenda and the Republican party’s conservative platform.

Cape May County Freeholder Director Gerald Thornton pointed to many years of cooperation with Van Drew on important projects, working across party lines for the greater good.

“No matter his position or party, Jeff has looked to do good work and put politics aside,” Thornton said.  “We have joked with him for years about crossing over and joining the party of common sense. Any past differences pale in comparison to the good work we can now accomplish as partners fighting for a better Cape May County.”

At the local level, Mayors, Committeeman and Council Members have been meeting with the Congressman, continuing a dialogue centered on infrastructure improvements, lower taxes, small business development and protecting citizens’ rights and freedoms. Several endorsements from local Republicans are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. 

“Despite some past political differences, we have always been able to work with Jeff, when it comes to helping the folks we represent,” Lower Township Mayor and Assemblyman-Elect Erik Simonsen said.  “A united front of hard-working Republican leaders from top to bottom in our county will be critical if we are to truly push back against the progressive insanity that has infested the Democrat party, both in Trenton and Washington, DC.”

Middle Township Mayor and CapeGOP Second Vice-Chair Tim Donohue echoed Simonsen’s sentiments.

“Politically, we have battled Jeff Van Drew in the past, but every election is about the future,” Donohue said. “In speaking with the Congressman and his staff, I believe our visions for our county, state and country are very much aligned. On the issues that affect our quality of life locally and the principles that are most important to our voters, we stand on common ground.”

Congressman Van Drew stood as one of the few voices for common sense in the current Democrat party.  When told by party bosses that he would lose their support if he dared to oppose impeachment, Van Drew stood on principle, voted NO on impeachment and left the party he no longer recognized as working for the best interests of the American people. 

“Let’s be honest, my conservative positions often put me at odds with Democrat leadership,” Van Drew said. “After nearly a year in Washington, it became clear to me that the radical agenda of the far-left elements that now control the Democrat party is inflicting real damage on our country. Like the hard-working, common sense people in South Jersey, my views and vision for a better America are in line with President Trump’s plans to make America great again.”

The congressman officially announced his intentions to join the Republican party from the White House on December 20th with President Trump by his side.

“Jeff will be joining our growing Republican Party and has my full endorsement,” President Trump said in a December 20th tweet. “This is a big win for the GOP and a big win for South Jersey. South Jersey is Trump country, so I know all NJ Republicans will be join me in supporting Jeff Van Drew.”