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Don't Become A Victim Of A Stolen Vehicle This Winter


People are more likely to leave their car running unattended on chilly winter mornings than any other time. Unfortunately, that’s a perfect time for thieves to take advantage of innocent people. User34255-1578325249-media1_b9cbe3_195_240_PrsMe_

We know everyone loves to get into a warm, ice-free window, vehicle, but never leave your vehicle running and unattended.  This is very attractive to thieves and joy riders and you may be violating the NJ Idling law.

So, What is idling?

Idling occurs when a motor vehicle with a diesel or gasoline engine is running but the vehicle is not in motion. 

New Jersey has laws which prohibit the idling of a vehicle for more than 3 minutes, with certain exceptions.
Three minute idling limit does NOT apply to:

Vehicle being actively serviced or repaired.
Below 25 F° for up to 15 minutes (no exception in New Jersey for high heat)  
Busses while it is actively discharging or picking up passengers may idle for 15 consecutive minutes in a 60-minute period
Motor vehicle idling in traffic, In queue or congestion. (i.e. bank drive-thru, dump truck loading)  
Cargo refrigeration requiring engine power (most are self powered and therefore not exempt)
Then we look at crime prevention….. Car thieves are known for jumping at an easy opportunity, and an unlocked, unattended running vehicle is as easy as it gets. The use of "smart keys" and keyless ignition starting in 1997 helped reduce theft. But these safety devices are useless if the keys are left in the vehicle, or if the vehicle is left running and unattended, such as while the driver makes a quick stop at a convenience store.
Never leave your vehicle running and unattended!
For More Information on the Idling law and the exceptions click the following link:

Gloucester Township Police Department
1261 Chews Landing Rd
Gloucester Township, NJ 08021

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 856-228-4500