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Does Chairman Currie Understand What It Means To ‘Say Anything, Tell Any Lie’


Norcross wants it both ways on Economic Opportunity Act

COLLINGSWOOD – Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s first congressional district, congratulated John Currie on getting re-elected Democrat state party chairman and asked if the Chairman understood what it really means to “say anything, tell any lie” to hold onto a seat in congress. 2020 election


Currie’s “say anything, tell any lie” comments were directed at Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew in the second congressional district last week after the congressman added “Phil Murphy to the list of reasons” he left the Democrat party.


“While I do congratulate Chairman Currie on winning re-election as New Jersey’s Democratic Party Chairman, I think he might want to refrain from throwing stones from within the glass house of his own party,” Claire Gustafson said. “One need only look at reports of how Congressman Donald Norcross once proudly proclaimed he ‘led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law’ and more recently has backpedaled and ‘is trying to downplay his role’ in getting the law that has benefitted his friends and family passed.”


“Rather than accusing a Republican Congressman of being the one to ‘say anything, tell any lie’ perhaps the Democrat chairman should be calling out Congressman Norcross for saying anything and telling any lie.” Gustafson added, “Obviously, Congressman Norcross, by his own words, ‘led the charge’ on getting a law passed before his campaign staff decided he was ‘just one of dozens of cosponsors.’”


Gustafson asked, “Was Congressman Norcross lying when he said he led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law? Or is the congressman saying anything and telling any lie with his backpedaling and saying he was just one of dozens of cosponsors?


“Whatever the case, Donald Norcross doesn’t get to have it both ways on the Economic Opportunity Act and the scandals it has led to and Chairman Currie does not get to accuse any Republican of saying anything and telling any lie to hold onto a seat when a member of Congress from his own party is doing exactly that.”