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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Winter Precautions

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Winter is here. It’s cold, windy, and icy. But your dog still needs to go outside, either for a walk or to the back yard several times a day. There are a few things you can do to assure Fido’s safety and relative comfort during extreme weather conditions.


Make sure that your dog is dry before he goes outdoors. Allow plenty of time after a bath so that his coat will not freeze.


Use only animal-friendly products to melt ice in the area in which he walks. Regular rock salt will damage the pads of his paws!


Consider dog boots. Most dogs aren’t fond of them but if you’re headed for rough terrain the damage to his paws may cause suffering and a costly vet visit.


Never leave your dog outside for more than a few minutes. It is now a felony to leave an unprotected animal outdoors without shelter and water. Unless you own a Newfoundland, Siberian Husky, Bernese Mountain Dog, St Bernard, or Malamute your dog can freeze to death in a matter of minutes.


Be sure to secure your dog’s leash—if you fall, he may decide to ‘go exploring’ without you!


After spending time outdoors, be sure to dry your best buddy and make sure there is no ice clinging to his tummy, his ears, or between his toes. Frostbite is a serious threat at this time of year! The longer ice clings, the more chance of frostbite occurring!


Most medium to large dogs love snow but don’t let Fido overdo it! Remember, if you are cold, your dog is cold!

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