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JEER-Something has to be done about the dilapidated house (photo above) that sits at the entrance of Gloucester City at Essex Street and Collings Road. People coming into our community are getting the wrong impression of the city because of the appearance of this property. 


CHEER--William Ackley, Gloucester City's Chief Housing Inspector & Zoning Official said the Essex Street house has been approved as a redevelopment project under a new ordinance that was recently passed. "We are in the Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 14.35.08 process of claiming that property under the eminent-domain procedure so that it can be rehabbed."  Asked about the status of the Crescent Trailer Park, which received unfavorable news last year, Ackley said his office is presently inspecting all of those trailers. "At the end of our inspection, the owner of the trailer park, who lives in Michigan, along with the on-sight property manager and the individual residents will be notified via certified mail of any housing violations. We are not only inspecting that site but we have been inspecting other properties in the city. We recently completed our inspections on the west side of the city and will be starting on the east side in the near future. The city is asking residents to live by certain standards, specifically maintaining their property.  Our goal is to improve the quality life in our city."

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JEER-The graffiti that mars either side of the Route 676/42 overpass on Nicholson Road, Gloucester City, has gotten worst.  The last time we looked it was only on one side wall now it is on both. Plus there is graffiti now on the Nicholson Road bridge which is about 300 yards from the overpass. Something has to be done.  The Los Angles police department states, "The more social disorder and graffiti in a neighborhood, the louder the message is sent that "nobody cares." This sets off a vicious cycle that encourages further crime in affected neighborhoods."  


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CHEER-A pup rescued from a dogfighting ring is the first pit bull to become an arson detection K9 in New Jersey.  The Throw Away Dogs Project picked up Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 13.45.21
Hansel in a police raid at a Canadian dog fighting ring at 7-weeks-old. Hansel was rehabilitated by the nonprofit. The dog was eventually trained and certified to work with the Millville fire station. See report



CHEER-According to WHHY news the Delaware River Port Authority, or DRPA, is helping commuters. The authority announced earlier this month that toll rates on the four bridges it controls will remain steady with no increases planned. The toll freeze is the result of the agencies'  “fiscal stewardship,” said DRPA board chairman Ryan Boyer. The agency saw more than 53 million vehicles crossed its bridges last year. The traffic generated more than $332 million — revenue the agency was able to use to support its operations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 


CHEER-The EPA's work on cleaning up the Brownfield's sites in Gloucester City are continuing. According to Mayor Dan Spencer sometime this year work will begin on the old Armstrong Cork property which is now a parking lot used by Holt Cargo, King, and Essex Streets. Spencer said the EPA will be erecting a temporary tank structure at that location to house the contaminants taken from the ground until they can be transported elsewhere. The temporary structure will be 42 feet deep by 16 feet high. 


JEER-Why has the Gloucester City Police Department and the Brooklawn Police Department stopped publicizing their weekly/monthly crime reports. The taxpayers spend a lot of their hard earn dollars supporting those agencies and deserves to know what crimes are happening in their neighborhoods. And if arrests are being made. At one time the Gloucester City Fire Department also issued a weekly/monthly report on the number of calls and responses they made.  But that stopped years ago. No one is saying that the police or the firemen are not doing their job. What we are saying is the public has a Right to Know how their tax dollars are being spent. By not making the information public the people's safety is in jeopardy.


CHEER-The division alignments for the West Jersey Football League 2020 and 2021 seasons have been announced according to NJ Advance Media. They include: Freedom- Gloucester, Maple Shade, Wildwood, Riverside, Pitman, Bordentown; Diamond-Paulsboro, Woodstown, Penns Grove, Salem, Gateway, Buena; Colonial-Delran, Haddonfield, Sterling, West Deptford, Collingswood, Willingboro; Classic: Robbinsville, Gloucester Catholic, New Egypt, Overbrook, Haddon Township, Lindenwold (read more here)



JEERThe Democrats have just made the impeachment process a political tool. What will this do to the future of our country? If and when the Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 19.40.00Republicans take control of the House will they seek revenge using the same tactics?  Washington has been broken for decades. History has shown that both sides of the aisle play the same game whenever they have the majority.  Forget the people's business; instead waste valuable time on getting even with the minority is the majority's mantra. Those in power are career politicians. They go to DC broke and within a few years they are millionaires. Limit terms are the only way to fix the problem.  The people sent a message in 2016 that they were fed-up with career politicians in Washington. And, you can bet your last dollar that Trump will be re-elected in 2020 because the political elite still hasn't gotten the message.  



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