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Best Cryptocurrencies for Beginners to Buy in 2020


( 9, 2020)--Changes are bound to occur as you walk into a new year. With every passing year, the number of unmatchable technological updates keep on increasing, and so does the taste of humans. For as long as the urge for multiplying assets remains, the scope for innovations will keep broadening. Cryptocurrency is one such disruptive technology that took the course of rapid growth. The digital era gave birth to this marvel, and it has been ruling the economy for the past decade. Investors all over the world have started shifting entirely over to the cryptocurrencies for trading purposes. But as technology is dashing along with time, the rocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies is unstoppable. What are the changes and updates to be introduced to Bitcoins and Altcoins? Which all cryptocurrencies are worth investing in, in the coming year? As we are almost at the threshold of 2020, let us look into the list of the best cryptocurrencies to buy this new year.




Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for Beginners


1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to hit the market, and it's been more than a decade now. Bitcoin has held the face of virtual money, making it the most popular and widely accepted cryptocurrency. It aims at developing a vast network around the world, where a peer-to-peer format of cash transfer is made possible. Although Bitcoin has proven to be volatile, it still is the most recommended one. The liquidity (buying and selling without hassles) of Bitcoin is one of the primary reasons for this. When the number of coins mined hits the limit of 21 million, the demand will increase, so will the price. Investing in more than one cryptocurrency is recommended for protection; Bitcoin should always be the top priority. The Immediate Edge Bot review can give you a better idea on which cryptocurrency to invest in the coming years.

2. Litecoin

Litecoin is that Altcoin with the best features to have launched right after Bitcoin. It is indeed a fork of Bitcoin with significant modifications brought to the software. The most attractive features of Litecoin are its liquidity and the speed of transactions. Market cap value is also quite high when compared to the other contemporaries.

3. Ethereum

Ethereum is said to be the fastest-growing cryptocurrency, with its features attracting more users to it. The concept of smart contracts was introduced by Ethereum, through which the launch and development of dApps and mobile applications were made more manageable. The Initial Coin Offering movement was stimulated by the numerous tokens running on Ethereum. Buying and selling of Ethereum is not an issue since its liquidity factor hits a high note just below Bitcoin. Its rate is more likely to increase with time and stay stable post every price hike. For the disruptive technology of smart contracts that Ethereum brought into the economy, it has the potential to shoot up on the list to become as equally popular as Bitcoin. 



4. Binance Coin 

Binance Coin's value is drawn from the demand for it and how well it functions in the world created by Binance. Utility tokens like Binance Coin work in such a way that it does not follow the exact norms of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. On the list of cryptocurrencies with the highest liquidity, Binance Coin holds a position in the top 10, which could rise and fall as the market values vary. Although it is highly volatile, the value has witnessed substantial growth over the previous years. At the time of the bear market, the price of Binance Coin multiplied three times and dived right into the group of potential investors. 

5. Basic Attention Token

Yet another utility token like Binance Coin, BAT, is used for paying people working on various online platforms. In the list of the most traded coins, BAT has always held a position in the top 40. The liquidity of this token has a volatile nature, and it has kept on fluctuating for a long time since its launch. The price has stayed consistent over the past two years, while the other cryptos were going through a bad phase. With demand, the value of BAT is also expected to hike. 


Try not to jump impulsively into any particular cryptocurrency. Make sure not to accumulate your funds into any random digital currency. Diversify your money and invest in multiple platforms to avoid massive losses. Go through trustworthy reviews and pick the best ones, and let this new year bring more fortune into your lives.