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Are Custom Paintings the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom?


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Oil painting of a contented woman cuddling a smiling toddler, capturing a heartfelt moment.


(Gloucestercitynews.net)(January 20, 2020)--Moms are special, there’s no doubt about that. While no mother is perfect, most of us have a deep affection for our moms. After all, they gave us life and raised us into the adults we are today. I’ve got the perfect gift idea for your mom this Valentine’s Day: turn a picture into a painting.

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

When people think Valentine’s Day, they oftentimes think ‘romantic love’. Within that romantic love box, the gifts people frequently consider giving for Valentine’s Day tend to get a little cliché. Flowers, chocolates, and gifts of a, uh-hum, naughtier persuasion are common, and they’re perfectly nice gifts. They just don’t feel all that special to most people since they’re so overdone. You don’t have to put a lot of thought into buying a dozen roses just like half the other men in the world on that particular day.

Valentine’s day paintings on canvas are a perfect way to break from the mold of traditional hearts and flowers gifts, opening up gifting for this holiday beyond the people for whom you feel romantic love into simply the people you love the most. Mom definitely makes that list.

Custom Art is the Perfect Way to Show You Care

The best gifts are ones that you’ve really thought about. When you choose a custom art piece as a gift, whether it’s a cat portrait or a depiction of your family, you’ve got to put a little mental effort into it. You’ve got choices to make in order to make the piece into something that your loved one will cherish and appreciate.

Picking a Medium

One of the best parts of custom art is that you can choose the medium. Medium describes the type of materials used to create the portrait. There are several options including oil, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, pastel, and acrylic.

Think about where you think the art will be displayed, or simply about the recipient’s taste in interior decor. What medium would fit into the space or their style? Does color or black and white work better? Is there a particular style of art that you or the recipient love?

Choosing the Right Subject

Who should be the subject of the picture? If you’re shopping for Mom, you’ll want to consider the people and animals who mean the most to her. Would she appreciate a portrait of her beloved pet, or would a group picture of you and your siblings mean more? Maybe a picture of you and her would be more appropriate.

When you’re having art created for a gift, you want to think about who the recipient would appreciate a depiction of the most.

Choosing an Artist

A lot of people never consider commissioning a portrait because they don’t have the slightest inkling how to find an artist who takes commissions, or they think it’s cost prohibitive. With the internet, finding an artist you can afford is easier than ever. The artists at Paint Your Life all take commissions, customize the piece based on your input, and offer free online proofing and unlimited revisions.

You can check out Paint Your Life reviews to help you decide if it’s the right option for you. Choose your medium, your artist, and customize all the details of your portrait so that it’s the most thoughtful gift imaginable.

Reasons Your Mom Deserves a Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift

Below are some brilliant, and possibly very obvious, reasons you should get your mom a gift for Valentine’s Day, even though it’s not necessarily traditional.

  • She carried you for nine months (give or take).
  • You probably gave her stretch marks.
  • Let’s not even get into what you did to her pelvic floor.
  • She didn’t sleep right for years after your birth.
  • She bandaged your wounds and kissed your bruises.
  •  She let you get wounds and bruises even though it probably terrified her.
  • She worked hard for you.
  • She always knew how to cheer you up.
  • She gives the best hugs.
  • She survived preteen you.
  • She also survived teenaged you.
  • She always wants what’s best for you.
  •  She probably bought you Valentine’s Day gifts back in the day.
  • She still enjoys spending time with you.
  • You can’t really repay all she’s done for you, but you can try.

The Final Word

This year, a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated for generations to come might be just the ticket for your mom for Valentine’s Day. Consider a custom painting, and don’t delay! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a work of art can’t be created in a day, either.