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5 Free Address Lookup Service Online


( 9, 2020)--When you want to find someone or details about an individual, you can use their address to know who they are. The challenge, however, that most people face is finding the right service to use because there are different options to use.


That is why today, our article focuses on helping you know the best address search sites on the internet. We are going to list five of them. Stay tuned.






At the top of our list is Zosearch, which is an address search tool, amongst other things, delivers what it promises. It has more than one million users, and something you will like about it is that it has numerous recognitions from sites such as TechRadar, Forbes, Pc mage, and many other high authority sites.



Getting the report is easy. Since it is a free address lookup site, Zosearch ensures that you have the report within a minute or so. You do not pay anything to get the full report or do searches. Every search is free, and you can do as many searches as you want.


Besides that, Zosearch has an active customer support team. In the case of problems, they are available to help you.





If you are looking for great insights within your reports, then you should use this site. The 

report, which is what you require most, is easy to use. Meaning, you will not have any problems analyzing them and finding essential data from them.


Nevertheless, the report does not feature a person’s social media detail, which is not that much of a problem since you can use the Zosearch site for this purpose.


The only negative thing about this site is that you have to pay 25 dollars to use the site. No one who likes free stuff may enjoy the service, nevertheless.


US Search


Just like People finders, this is useful for people who want to invest in an address search tool. Though it is a cheaper option, this one offers all its services at different prices. So instead of a onetime subscription fee, this one will charge depending on the type of information you 

want from the report.


For instance, if you want a basic report, then you pay three dollars. For extra information such as marital status, you will need to spend about forty dollars.


On the positive, this site is easy to use, and the information present on these reports is up-to-date. Therefore, there is less likelihood of getting the wrong data.


Instant checkmate


If you want to know more about the owner of a home using their address, then you need to subscribe to their services. The address search option is suitable for people with a budget since their subscription is as low as 40 dollars in a month.


People who search regularly should use this site. The reports are updated, and they contain in-depth information about an individual. Instant checkmate warns you about the details, and if you want to download the report, you will need to pay more to get it.


Been Verified


Other than using a person’s address to locate them, this website also allows you to use their phone number, name, or email address. The site is easy to use, and finding your way while using the tool should not be a challenge.


Reports contain all the information you require. However, the catch 22 situation here is that you have to pay a subscription to get critical details, such as criminal records. Otherwise, when you create an account, you can get the individual’s basic information without incurring any charges.


Final remarks


Now it is up to you to pick out of these five. All these options are viable, and you can depend on them for accurate reports.


When choosing the site to use, be sure that you put your priorities right. For instance, if you do not use the address search tool frequently, then using a free site like Zosearch should be the way to go. Furthermore, the site provides all the details you require in the report.


Nevertheless, if you have to pay for a subscription, then PeopleFinders can be a great option since the reports are self-explanatory, and the subscription is affordable to anyone.