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10 Ways You Can Bring Your Family Closer Together 20, 2020)--Your family is the cornerstone of your life. It’s a unit that’s always there for you when you’re down, struggling at work, or just in need of some socialization. While it isn’t always true that “blood is thicker than water”, your family is predetermined for you and can’t be changed, so getting along with them is advantageous to you. With that said, being close with your family - and accommodating their foibles - isn’t always easy. Here are ten ways you can become closer to your family.

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1. Take some family photos


There’s nothing like a family photoshoot to remind you how much you treasure and cherish your loved ones. This will create brand new memories for you and allow you to see what you all look like together, which isn’t necessarily something you may be able to experience otherwise. We recommend checking out Pixa Prints if you’re looking for something to put your family photoshoot on once it’s done; they offer prints on calendars, mugs, and phone cases, amongst other things.


2. Be there for them


It’s not really possible to foster a positive family attitude if you’re never there. Conversely, if there’s a member of the family you need to talk to about absence, it’s a good idea to have that conversation and not let the subject fester. Make time for your family. You might need to clear a space in your schedule, but it’s well worth it to make sure you’re building quality memories with the people you love. This won’t always be easy, but it’s a necessary step.


3. Let arguments happen


When we say arguments here, we’re not referring to the huge, earth-shattering rows we’ve seen some families have. Those aren’t healthy, and knowing the difference between healthy arguments and unhealthy, toxic relationships is very important. That said, if something is brewing between you and your family, it’s a good idea to have the conversation. Keep calm and make sure everyone is on the same page, then proceed in a straightforward, emotionally open manner.


4. Do fun things together


What do you love doing? Is there any way you could get your family in on that activity? Sharing your hobbies with people you love is one of life’s many joys, and there’s no reason you can’t extend that philosophy to your family. If your hobby really is a strictly solo racket, then you might want to try taking up a new hobby that can involve your loved ones. Great examples include sports, tabletop gaming, travel (such as visiting an escape room) and walking. Doing fun things together will only strengthen your bond!


5. Create a set of values


It might sound old-fashioned, but creating a set of family values by which you and your family can live can actually make you feel closer to them. Think about it: you’re establishing an ethos that defines your in-group and makes you feel like you’re really part of the “tribe”, so to speak. Of course, you should make sure your family values are strictly positive; it doesn’t pay to have a combative or aggressive family “mission statement”, so be happy and upbeat.


6. Travel together


Some might say that traveling with your family is a surefire way to fall out with them, but those people are cynics. If you accord your family the space they deserve, traveling with them can be a rewarding, exciting experience that gives you all shared memories to discuss. Pick a destination everyone wants to go to; you don’t want your shared family holiday to turn into one person’s fantasy. Some compromise may be required here, but it’ll be worth it!


7. Set a good example


If you’re the head of the household - no matter who you might be - then it’s incredibly important to set a good example. If you’re trying to foster certain behaviors in your children or you want your significant other to do something, then you don’t demonstrate that behavior yourself, that’s not a very strong incentive. Make sure to lead by example at all times; it might feel exhausting at the time to stick to that strict moral code, but it’ll pay off in the long term.


8. Create a family schedule


Have you ever seen those family planners that include a column for each family member and slots for what those family members are doing? It’s a great idea for you and your family to try using one of those, not least because you can use it as an excuse to schedule some much-needed family time. When you create time for you and your family, you need to stick to it, so having a schedule can be a great incentive to do that. After all, if it’s on the schedule, it must be cast-iron, right?


9. Allow for some freedom


With all that said, it’s still important to give your family space and freedom. Allow them to do what they want with their time and don’t be too offended if, on free days, they’d rather spend their time alone than with you. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you; rather, it simply means they want some space and time to themselves, and you need to respect that. Your family doing their own thing will just make the time you do spend together all the sweeter since you’ll know it’s what they want.


10. Don’t force anything


Some family units are, by nature, closer and more co-dependent (in a good way) than others are. That’s fine; you don’t need to work hard to make your particular family unit resemble another one, nor should you force a particular set of values if they’re not desired. Instead, create an organic, happy family that doesn’t feel forced or artificial, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re closer to them than you are to almost anyone else in the world.