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10 Ideas For Unforgettable Winter Breaks


Gloucestercitynews.net(January 20, 2020)--Winter can be a very difficult season for a lot of people. There’s the ever-present seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), of course, but there are many more reasons to feel fed up with the colder months. Chief among them is the struggle to find a decent place to go on holiday. For obvious reasons, travel is often cheaper in the winter months, but many people just don’t know where they should go. We’re here to help. Here are ten ideas for unforgettable winter breaks you and your family can try.

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1. São Tomé and Príncipe


Despite their incredible vistas, these small African islands don’t really enjoy a lot of visitors. That’s a shame, because they’re an unspoiled paradise that only those truly dedicated to travel can enjoy. The downside is that tourism in these islands is mostly luxury, so if you don’t have a decent wad of cash then you may not be able to enjoy them. Still, there’s lots to see, and if you want to visit during the hottest months, you’re best off going during January, February, and March.


2. Switzerland


The tail end of winter is the best time to visit Switzerland; everyone else goes during January or February, since that’s when winter is at its peak. March is still a wonderful time to visit Switzerland, though, and since it’s less busy, you’ll have your pick of the ski slopes. We’d recommend you head to Matterhorn Diamonds Ski School for a truly all-inclusive, special experience in Switzerland. Their tuition is second-to-none and they cater to all skill levels.


3. Germany


If you’re looking for somewhere magical and nostalgic to holiday during the winter months, we’d strongly recommend Germany. There, you can find some of the most incredible Christmas markets around. Berlin’s offering is particularly special, but the Frankfurt market (which also makes an appearance in Birmingham during the run-up to Christmas) shouldn’t be missed, either. Combine this with some truly spectacular views and Germany becomes an unmissable winter holiday destination.


4. New York, USA


There’s plenty to do in New York during the winter months. For a start, the city looks absolutely spellbinding covered in snow. New York gets around twenty-five inches of snow per year, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to see a beautiful snowfall if you head to the city in November or December. As for activities, you’ll find jazz festivals, lantern events, and flower shows to visit while things are a little chilly. Big urban centres can still be wonderful places to go in winter!


5. Australia


Since the northern hemisphere winter is southern hemisphere summer, Australia offers a sun-soaked experience for you if you’re tired of the usual snow, rain, and sleet that your winters are battering you with. Sydney is particularly beautiful during December and January; the sun glinting off the world-famous opera house is a sight to behold. Naturally, there’s also a thriving beach culture in Sydney, so get yourself down there if you want to sunbathe.


6. Iceland


True winter-heads definitely need to experience Iceland winters at least once in their lifetime. Obviously, Iceland is absolutely freezing during the winter, and it’s pretty much dark for the entire day during December. Despite this, Iceland is the best place you can go to see the shimmering aurora borealis, and it’s a truly stunning sight you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Reykjavik is a bustling urban centre without any of the crowding you might find in other cities, so head there for an immersive Iceland experience.


7. Canada


Another wonderful place to pursue some skiing (although we still think Switzerland has the best slopes), Canada is a popular tourist destination during the winter months, and for very good reason. The beautiful Lake Louise completely freezes over during winter, making it an ideal destination for a chilly stroll. Naturally, there’s plenty to do in the cities too, but Canada boasts some of the world’s most beautiful and striking landscapes. Winter is the best time to experience these landscapes in our opinion.


8. Norway


Like Iceland, Norway offers a dark and chilly but still beautiful experience if you’re looking for somewhere to head in winter. Norway is more famous for its mid-spring months than its winters, but if you’re a poetic soul, this gorgeous country’s tundras and fjords will give you plenty of food for thought when the dark sets in. Of course, since Norway gets plenty of snow, you’ll also find lots of skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts in Norway.


9. Japan


During the winter months, most of Japan’s massive tourist destinations find themselves completely deserted, so winter is the perfect time to head over to Japan and do a spot of sightseeing. None of these destinations lose any of their characteristic beauty or historical significance just for having a little snow on them, so what have you got to lose? You’ll also find bustling centres like Tokyo and Osaka just as busy as you would during summer.


10. Estonia


Few places in Europe are as thoroughly picturesque as Estonia during the winter months. You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere that looks more like a scene from a postcard than the capital city of Tallinn. It’s not just gorgeous views, though; Tallinn also boasts plenty of history, so if you’re of an academic mind, you can spend hours exploring its many alleyways and basking in the atmosphere of an ancient city covered in powdery snow.