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Your Guide to the Rise and Evolution of the Pot Store


( 9, 2019)--To say that marijuana has been booming into the avenues of business, politics, and the cultural zeitgeist would be an understatement. 

With the advent of more and more legalization across the United States and other countries, the humble pot store has gone from humble origins to big business interests.

Where did it all start? Where does it all lead? The cannabis industry is riding high and we're here to follow its evolution. 

The Humble Beginnings

Marijuana has long since been a common medicine for calming nerves and healing inflammation and other cases. It wasn't until the 20th century that prohibition movements banned the drug and started a mistrustful campaign against it. 

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In the 21st century that is all overturning and with it comes a rise of many variants on the pot store. Back in the 60s and 70s, the pot business was a bit more wild and uncertain. Dealers sold it almost anywhere and in cheap bundles. 

The biggest reason for the coming growth comes from the fast unfolding band of legalization. 

Legalization on Multiple Levels

It started with a few states legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Then came the likes of Utah and Washington allowing recreational usage of the plant. 

With more and more pressure on the government, the idea of nationally legalized marijuana may be soon around the corner. 

With the bounds of government banning coming down, this only invites the potential markets of big business. With the potential of big profits showcased in Nevada and Washington, many entrepreneurs are eager to invest in the pot store.

Working Around the Restrictions

For now, there is still legislation from stopping full-on major investment. This hasn't stopped any companies so much as made them change tactics.

Figuring out ways to work within the law has been a common theme in many businesses. 

1. Vertical Integration

Vertical integration refers to a company that owns all levels of its production. This means they grow the plant, harvest the plant, process the plant, and sell the plant and its byproducts. 

This allows companies to control their limited markets. Because federal law still prohibits marijuana from crossing state lines, this is a good foundation to have. 

2. Mergers and Buyouts

Big companies are pushing and moving in preparation for something bigger. Some say that the legalization of marijuana at the federal level is inevitable and some businesses seem to think so.

While the Canadian pot industry is already booming due to its full legalization, American companies are not far behind. Major corporations are snatching up the small-time pot growers who have come from the initial legalizations.

Their ever-growing product and company base pushes them for massive pot franchises and huge superstores. 

The Pinnacle of Pot Store Levels

All of this corporate moving and big investments lead to only one thing and that is massive pot store showcases. Things like the Planet 13 Superstore may be a common thing in the near future. 

The humble pot store is now far from humble. There is a lot more change on the horizon as the potential of full legalization unleashes the floodtides of corporate interests. 

History, Information, and the News at Your Fingertips

Your local pot store may become not only a more common site but bigger and more corporate. These changes look to be inevitable as a lot of investments and resources pour in. What this evolution will bring is anyone's guess.

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