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Why It’s Okay To Skip Your Workout From Time To Time (Dec. 16, 2019)--There is quite a debate whether you should work out every day or you should rest from time to time. Most people who train religiously know the importance of rest days, but there are many other reasons and situations when skipping your workout should be guilt-free. Here are some of the most important.


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1. Give your muscles time to grow

The human body is very interesting, and how it grows is one of the most fascinating things you might have encountered in your life. When you lift weights, for instance, your body creates unique compounds that lead to the growth of your muscles. However, at the same time, the muscles suffer small tears.

These tears will heal and make your body stronger, but only when you rest. That’s why rest days are paramount, and why, when you feel like you’re too sore, and your muscles cramp, you should skip your workout.


2. You might start gaining weight

If you train to lose weight, you should be aware of some other interesting things your body does. It is true that by burning calories, you can determine your body to start losing weight. However, if you train too much, your body will find itself in front of a challenge and will trigger specific mechanisms to protect the body from losing weight.

That’s why you might have the unpleasant surprise to step on your scale and discover that you actually gained some weight, instead of using. At the same time, overtraining appears to be the cause of hitting a weight loss plateau more often than not.


3. You feel famished

To get the best out of your training, especially if you want to keep in shape, you need to follow some dietary guidelines. Still, what happens when you train too much is that your appetite will grow, too. You’ll feel famished, and the first thing you will do will be to reach for food. No surprise there, you won’t shed any pounds, but you might even gain some.


4. You end up feeling tired all the time

There is a reason why someone’s workout regimen is not a good fit for another individual. Your body has particular needs and limits, and ignoring them will bring you nothing useful. If you work out every day and you notice that you start feeling tired all the time, that’s a good sign that you should simply skip the next day or more.


5. If you’re sick, don’t push yourself

Any doctor can tell you that trying to get in shape while being sick is not a good idea. Your body needs to use its resources to fight the disease, and if you try to push yourself and get workout integrated into your schedule when you should be in bed with a box of tissues next to you, that’s not clever at all.

You should get your priorities straight when this happens. If you’re sick, don’t go to the gym, and don’t obsess over what regimen you should be following. That’s a recipe for disaster, and you might end up feeling even sicker than before.


6. You have a bad hangover

If you partied all night and you’re up only a few hours of sleep, your priority shouldn’t be how to get to the gym. Your body is severely dehydrated, and the last thing it needs is for you to do something that will cause even more loss of fluids.

Besides all this advice, when you train, make sure you get the right equipment for your needs. You can visit and see for yourself what equipment to get for perfect training goals.


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