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Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is Better Than Representing Yourself


( 8, 2019)--Over the years, an increasing number of claimants have been pursuing compensation for personal injury without the relevant legal representation. On paper, this process may often seem relatively simple – especially for ‘open and shut’ cases – but any personal injury claim can be a testing time for all parties involved, and representing yourself can be harder than you realize.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Most personal injury lawyers are reluctant to take a case on unless they are sure that it has potential to win, so this itself can be a great pointer for you when it comes to determining whether or not pursuing your case is going to be worth the emotional dedication, stress and the cost. Once an attorney from a reputable firm - like this team of Indianapolis personal injury lawyers - has agreed to take on your case, one of the first things that they will do is provide you with a theoretical settlement figure. There are many ways to determine this, including expert opinions, legal guidelines, and simply understanding the market.

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Keeping a Clear Head when an Offer is Made

If you have a relatively strong case in terms of compensation, it can be easy to rush when a settlement offer is made. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is usually helpful in this situation as they have the skills and expertise to put themselves in the shoes of those representing the defendant, who will have access to the same evidence as yourself and have likely come to the same conclusion. But even if it’s fairly obvious that liability has been proven, don’t underestimate the tendency of insurance adjusters to try and get away with the lowest possible settlement offer. Having a good personal injury lawyer by your side will help you get the maximum, rather than the minimum amount.

Be Ready for all the Negotiation

The good news is that the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled without ever reaching the courtroom, which can make getting the compensation that you’re entitled to that little bit easier. But, don’t underestimate the negotiation process that it takes to get here – a skilled personal injury lawyer can not only help you get the biggest settlement, but also expertly negotiate in order to avoid your case going to court unless absolutely necessary.

Where to Avoid an Early Settlement

That being said, there are some situations where an early settlement might not be the best course of action – waiting some time, and being prepared to go to trial is often the better option if you have not yet made a full recovery from your injuries; if your doctors have estimated that you’ll take at least six months to recover; if you have suffered multiple injuries that require you to see several specialists; if your treatment is still ongoing; or if you don’t have a definitive answer regarding your recovery time. Speak to your lawyer if you are in any of these situations, as they will be able to advise on the best action to take.

Representing yourself in a personal injury case might seem easy enough, but you’ll usually always get the best results working with an experienced lawyer.

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