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Want To Bet On Sports In New Jersey? Here’s Your Guide! 2, 2019)--Do you like the idea of sports betting but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to manage something so complex? Rest assured, it’s not as difficult as you think! Sports betting is actually one of the easiest forms of gambling, so if you’re a complete beginner it’s time to get started!

If you’re betting on sports, you’re essentially trying to predict what the outcome of a particular sporting event will be, wagering money depending on what you believe will happen. If you’re right, you’ll win cash, if you’re wrong, you’ll lose your stake. It’s that simple!

If you know the basics of sports betting, you’ll be ready to place your first wager and even that’s a breeze thanks to online sports betting sites and handy sports betting apps that you can download to your device. So, are you ready to get started? Here’s our ultimate beginner’s New Jersey sports betting guide!

Fixed Odds Betting – An Overview

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This traditional style of wagering basically means predicting what will happen then placing your wagering on your chosen selection. “Fixed odds” is a term which is used to describe odds that are agreed at the time of the wager being placed. If your bet wins, your payout will be based on the odds that you agreed to, even if they’ve moved subsequently.

Sports Wager Types

Sports betting is one of the most appealing gambling forms since it offers a host of different options. It’s possible to bet on virtually every type of sport, even obscure ones, and not only that, you can also usually bet on virtually every event, game, competition or league. That presents bettors with a wealth of opportunities when it comes to placing winning wagers.

The basic win bet is the simplest form of sports betting, i.e. choosing which team or player will win or lose a particular match, game or tournament. However, there’s lots of other options to explore and discover, many of which offer you a higher chance of making a bigger profit. Of course, they aren’t as simple either, but none of them are so complex that you’ll never understand them!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the options you might want to consider:

  •       Live or in play betting – this is a form of fixed odds betting but it takes place during the actual play itself. Traditional fixed odds bets are placed before the event begins, however with live betting, you can place your wager at any time during gameplay.
  •         Spread betting – this involves choosing whether a specific figure will be lower or higher than the spread posted by the bookmaker. The amount lost or won depends on how much lower or higher that number is. So if, for example, you’ve chosen to wager on how many goals will be scored during a particular soccer game you may look at a bookmaker’s spread of 2-3. If you think that more than three goals will be scored you can “buy the spread”. This means that for each goal that is scored higher than three, you’ll win a multiple of your initial stake. On the other hand, if fewer than 3 goals were scored during the game, you’d lose a multiple of your stake for each goal below that number.


How To Place A Bet

Once you’ve decided which type of bet to place, the next step is to actually place one! You’ll need to use a bookmaker to do this. Choose the selection which you’d like to back, make a choice about how much you’re going to stake, then give the stake and selection to your bookmaker. The bookmaker takes care of everything else, paying out afterwards if you’re a winner. Online bookmakers are the best way to do this since you can place your wager from the comfort of your own home and receive payment direct into your account once you’ve had a win.

What Are Your Objectives When Sports Betting?


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Before you bet on sports for the first time, think about what your objectives are. Are you a recreational bettor who just wants to have some fun and make some money in the process? Recreational bettors are all about the challenge and thrill of placing a wager and hoping that they may be a winner at the end of the event. 

Or are you a serious bettor who wants to put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right selection that will make you a profit? If you want to be in the second category, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to doing lots of research into your chosen sport so that you can have the best chance of picking the right teams, players and events to bet on.

As a novice bettor, you don’t need to decide right away whether you’re just going to be wagering for fun or whether you’re serious about making a profit, however when you know what your main objectives in betting are going to be, you’ll be able to tailor your overall approach to suit your wagering style.

You’re probably ready by now to place your first bet, so it’s time to download your sports betting app to your tablet or smartphone, find a sport that you’d like to bet on, choose your stake and then start betting! We wish you luck with your first wager – choose well!