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The Top 6 Frequently Made Automation Mistakes and How to Solve Them (Dec. 1, 2019)--Testing is a vital procedure in the development of products, software or hardware, separate components in order to find and eradicate errors, ensure that it’ll perform well and have good output.

Test automation can also be described as a method of utilizing an automated testing tool to check, analyze and predict expected results to actual ones. It intends using software to automatically perform the  most difficult testing jobs or carry out ones that may appear many times, usually more than once or twice. The main advantage of automation testing over manual is that it’s much faster and more correct and accurate.

While automation is anything but difficult to perform whenever done right, it's much simpler to fail to understand the situation.

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Using test automation every time

Automation shouldn't be viewed each time since certain issues don't even require robotization. Some of the tests ought to be done manually. A strategy for figuring out which test way to employ ought to be created to spare automation testers from burning through their time and vitality on automating what must be done in manual way or doing manually what should be automated.

Here’s the solution: Automated testing is reasonable for tests with a great deal of information, tests that give precise results, rehashed tests, and so on, while manual testing is appropriate for API,UX and UI tests. 

Utilization wrong automation tools 

Using an inappropriate device to take care of the correct issue will prompt awful results. Additionally, in the event that you have very few testings' to mechanize, it wouldn't be right to utilize only one computerization device. Thus, utilizing only a device to tackle every one of your issues via automated testing will bring terrible outcomes in light of the fact that various issues more often than not may require various methodologies and instruments.

Proposed solution: Analyze each issue you have and decide which tool is the most appropriate in each case.

Neglecting validation test

Validation is significant in testing automation since it is required to affirm the framework is working as wanted and the normal outcomes are acquired. In this manner, dismissing the approval stage may prompt getting undesired results if there had been bugs in the framework that wasn't recognized in light of the fact that approval was skipped during testing. 

Consider this solution: Validation testing can be performed successfully utilizing instruments like Appium, HP quality focus or Selenium. 

Drive testing through the UI

Embracing this technique means one thing: slow results. The whole process initially runs smoothly, but then becomes slower and slower over time. There are continuous delays in the display of test results and if there was a mistake during the procedure, the results are affected and the whole procedure has to be started all over again.

Solution: use of a test tooling system through an upgraded UI

Separating tests from advancement 

Initial stage of automation testing is writing of codes. The written codes may along the line contain bugs which will be corrected, and then the test runs smoothly. The problem is, there is set back on the feedback from development to testing. The code may not have the necessary qualities to test it.

Solution: create tests at the beginning that can be managed by a tester or software.

Duplicating or pasting test codes 

In the case of a rush and the programmer decides to save time by copying and pasting instead of writing the codes. Some procedures will have an intermediary link or phase before proceeding. Copying/pasting will break off the automation of each stage. This makes the testing procedure disorganized. This makes the testing methodology complicated. 

Proposed solution: fix duplicated codes or even better, compose new codes. Capacities for intelligent procedures can also be made.