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(GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ)(Dec. 5, 2019)——With all  the turmoil in the world it is nice to hear some good news now and then. Kelli Sharp, (nee Pfeffer)recently shared just such a tale with CNBNews about her family, friends and perfect strangers helping her get the Christmas Spirit.




Kelli, resides on Market Street with her husband Brett and their children. Kelli is a 1998 graduate of Gloucester High. This past summer the Sharp family lost all of their Christmas decorations they had stored in their basement because of the severe flooding on that street in June.

Sharp said, "I, along with many members of my immediate family,  have lived, in Gloucester City our entire life. In June my immediate family and I where one of the residents on Market Street affected by the flood. We lost everything in our basement. That included all my Christmas decorations and I do mean all. I have added to my collection year after year. My children would say our house looked like a winter wonderland."


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"With not having decorations not even a tree I really was not feeling the Christmas spirit this year.   My brother took to Facebook on Nov 30.  My aunt, Connie Devoe, reached out to a local organization called "The Helpers."  That same night my brother showed up with a truck full of Christmas stuff. Stockings, lights, garland a tree. Decorations for the inside and outside of my house."


"I was overwhelmed with the generosity.  I can't thank everyone enough who helped us this year. It meant so much to me and my family.  We spent this past Sunday decorating."




"There is so much sadness and death in the world. Somedays that is all you hear about on the television or radio. The people who helped us have instilled my trust and confidence in the human race."



"On behalf of my family I would like to publicly thank my brother John Pfeffer, my aunt Connie DeVoe and "The Helpers" including Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Spotts and Terey and Jean Ayres. Hopefully I have not forgotten anyone if so please forgive me. I have included some photos of the new decorations. "


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