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Local Author Holds Contest--Winning Design is Cover of New Book

  Summer HansonMy name is Dawn O Watson. I am a writer, currently working on novel number twelve.

Some of the books I've written come under the heading of the Pi Series (Pi, Squared, The Circumference of Pi, etc.). These novels take place in Gloucester City. Local artist Amy Williams D'apice designed most of the covers of these and others, including the latest novel, called "Ezra: 7", which will be available shortly before Christmas.

While waiting for "Ezra: 7" to be released, I've begun working on another post-apacolyptic book, entitled, "Blue Earth."

Blue Earth takes place in the year 2070, ten years after the earth suffers a radioactive assault. The attack decimated the planet, leaving everything in its wake tinged a dull shade of blue. 

I am looking for a Gloucester City resident, or former resident, to submit a photograph or drawing of a landscape tinged blue. The land does not need to be populated. It should look something like a deserted scrap yard. Filter the picture so that everything in it is blue. Please use a high resolution if submitting a photograph. If submitting artwork, take a high-resolution picture and send via attachment.

Submissions accepted between 12/15/2019 to 1/15/2020. The winning entry will be announced on CNBNews and Facebook.

Please email your entry as an attachment to: or

The winner will have his or her photo as the front cover of the novel with his or her name on the dedication page. (Cover art by___).

All of my work is available on, at your local library, or can be ordered at any bookstore. Ezekiel: 38 and Ezra: 7 will be available on Amazon as a boxed set shortly before Christmas.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support! Good luck, everyone!

Dawn O Watson

Pictured: The cover Ezra: 7, by Amy Williams D'apice. Available on in time for Christmas.