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Earning MCSD; App Builder Certification; Facts About Microsoft 70-487 Exam; How to Pass It with Practice Tests



(Gloucestercitynews. net)(December 11, 2019)--Microsoft is among the top tech firms globally. Their certifications are valued all over the world, improve the level of qualification and give the opportunity to apply for a more prestigious position with a significant increase in salary. More than 4.5 million Microsoft certified professionals work worldwide and thousands of people are certified annually.



With the introduction technologies like cloud computing, Microsoft based Azure solutions are projected to grow, thanks to its popular operating system. Thus, specialists who can work with this technology will be in high demand. If you’d like to be up for the task, you must get the MCSD: App Builder certification by passing the Microsoft 70-487 test. But you need to be the owner of the MCSA badges in Web Applications or Universal Windows Platform.

So, since this article is devoted to 70-487 test, let’s move to it. 

70-487 Test Overview

Along with having the MCSA: Universal Windows Platform or MCSA: Web Applications credentials, before sitting for 70-487 exam you need to have at least 3 years of experience in designing solutions for ASP.NET MVC. Other skills include designing Web applications using HTTP services, which means this credential is perfect for IT experts who are familiar with developing and setting up server solutions in multiple layered environments like Windows Azure.

The exam consists of 40-60 test questions of different types. Some of the formats include hot area, case study, multiple-choice, best answer, short answer, and build list. A number of questions focus on tools as well as concepts for Visual Studio. It will also be helpful if you know deployment strategies like HTTP and FTP. So, before taking the exam, you need to be a proficient developer in web apps. The Microsoft 70-487 exam will cost you $165, and you can register for it through Pearson VUE.

Topics Covered in Exam

Microsoft tests are designed to assess specific skill areas. The exam takers need to understand and acquire mastery of these abilities to pass it. That implies there’s no shortcut to passing the test without good preparation. So, if you want to take it, make sure you pay attention to these topics:

  • Data technologies: this aspect of the test covers various parts of evaluating data via ADO.NET. It focuses on the implementation of data storage in Microsoft Azure and implements caching and transactions. Another skill to acquire under this topic is the carrying out of solutions with the utilization of Microsoft Azure. You must gain competence in query and manipulation of data via the use of entity framework.
  • Consuming Web API services: this consists of various aspects of Web API, like creating, and securing, managing, and storing Web API web services.
  • Implementation of web services: this one covers the implementation of strategies and configuration of web services.

To pass Microsoft 70-487 with flying colors, every exam taker has to train thoroughly before the test. The following are the tips that you can utilize to succeed in the exam.

What Tips Can Help You Prepare for Exam 70-487?

Let's have a look at some of the ways to prepare for the test and pass it on the first try. Ensure to go through them and choose those that suit you most as this is the only way they’ll be helpful to your exam preparation:

  1. Make Sure You Understand Exam Content and Question Format

This is vital to pass your certification exam. Make sure you know the structure of the test before the exam date. There are numerous resources and guides for Microsoft 70-487 test you can utilize. Using these materials will help you stay updated with what you should expect in the real exam.

In most cases, the exam structure entails a range of question formats like case studies, multiple choices, active screen, and drag and drop. The case studies question is based on the prerequisites and projects created to assess your analytical abilities and knowledge. You may also come across questions in adding and debugging code. Regarding the test content, you must have some knowledge of WCF. You need to be conversant with Visual Studio tools and deployment. Spend enough time learning about web development strategies, FTP and HTTP.

  1. Psychological preparation

To demonstrate the knowledge, you need to get rid of nervous tension. Auto-suggestion is also an effective method to use. You should consciously pull yourself together, urging the brain to have confidence in your own abilities. Working hard is not enough, you should be sure that you are ready enough to pass the test successfully. So, the way you think matters.

  1. Make Good Use of Online Courses

Having collaborated with different training organizations globally Microsoft offers a great course for 70-487 exam at your disposal Course 20487D. Microsoft has approved all that’s included in this instructor-led exam 70-487 training course. The intention is to provide comprehensive practice. It includes instructor-led training sessions with videos and practical labs to improve your coding skills. Using the self-paced alternative gives you three-month access and you are free to learn at your pace. The classroom-training alternative takes five days.

In addition to the course offered by the vendor, check the platform to utilize the video training course for the Microsoft 70-487 exam. It targets to assist you to understand how to incorporate Microsoft Azure services into applications. The course includes 54 lectures and the information is provided in a simple and understandable way. Make sure you have basic skills in programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and C before taking the course.

Other Best Revision Materials for Exam 70-487

You need to compliment your training courses with practice tests. The practice tests for 70-487 exam are helpful as they offer you an insight into the format of the exam and the type of questions. These files allow you to practice test questions and they are perfect revision materials since they are the most valid and updated. For 70-487 exam you can get both free files and a premium file with the verified exam questions and answers. The file is contained in the Premium Bundle, that besides this dump also includes a training course and a study guide. With all these materials, there’s no way to fail the certification exam.


Once you take and pass the Microsoft 70-487 test, you get the desired MCSD: App Builder credential. Getting this badge increases the chances of getting employment in some of the leading tech firms as well as small and medium-sized organizations. Developer skills demand better job positions and remuneration packages. That’s why you should train well to gain the certification, and the prep process will be easier by using practice tests. Don’t miss out on something that will bring such great benefits your way!