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CNB Hunting/Fishing NJ: Dec. 9-14 Busiest Week of the Hunting Year

The week of December 9-14 may be the busiest week of the year with Six-day Firearm Deer and Black Bear Segment B hunting seasons opening on  Monday, Permit Bow continuing in Deer Reg Sets #4-8 zones, and Permit Shotgun and Permit Muzzleloader seasons open for antlerless deer only in Reg Set #7-8 zones. Don't miss out on all that's available.

Hunting 2

Pheasant hunters should note that beginning this year, pheasants and quail will NOT BE STOCKED the Saturday before the Six-day Firearm Deer/Black Bear Segment B seasons. This decision was made by the Fish and Game Council. Because the pheasant/quail season is closed for a 2-week period beginning the first day of 6-Day Firearm Deer Season, and since there is no pheasant/quail hunting allowed on that Sunday, it would only provide hunters with birds for that one day. Since most birds not harvested on Saturday are not likely to hold over during the two-week pheasant season closure, it was decided to move the birds stocked that day to a later date when hunters would have better access to them.