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Claire Gustafson Says Norcross Is The One Who Needs To Apologize Not Jeff Van Drew


Where are the thousands of jobs Norcross promised the Economic Opportunity Act would bring to our region?

COLLINGSWOOD – Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s first congressional district, Claire Gustafson, took issue with Congressman Donald Norcross’s statement with regard to the news of Congressman Jeff Van Drew coming to the Republican party. Election


At issue is, in his statement, Norcross claimed Van Drew owes an apology to a list of people and organizations as well as “the people of South Jersey.”


“Congressman Norcross is the last person to demand anyone apologize to the people of South Jersey.” Claire Gustafson said, “Norcross, when he announced he was running for Congress in February 2014 proudly proclaimed, ‘As Senator, I led the charge on getting the Economic Opportunity Act passed into law – a game-changing law that will help create thousands of jobs in our region.’ More recently, Norcross’s tune has changed and it’s been reported he is trying to downplay his role in getting the law that led to the tax incentive scandal passed.”


Gustafson asked, “Where are those thousands of jobs?”


“Given the fact that it has been widely reported that only 27 jobs created by the law he championed went to Camden residents, it’s no wonder Norcross is now downplaying his role.” Gustafson remarked, “Since the tax incentive scandal was created by the law Norcross led the charge in passing, he should be the one apologizing to the people of South Jersey.”


“While we wait and see what kind of Republican Jeff Van Drew will be, the last thing I will do is allow Donald Norcross to attack any Republican, nor anyone about to join the party,” Gustafson said. “I look forward to seeing Norcross on the campaign trail, listening to him apologize to the people of South Jersey and getting an explanation as to where those thousands of jobs are.”